World’s First Transparent Mobile Phone by Polytron Technologies

World's First Transparent Mobile Phone by Polytron Technologies

US-based company Polytron Technologies has developed the world’s first transparent mobile phone. The phone that is set to be released this year is said to be…
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24 Responses to World’s First Transparent Mobile Phone by Polytron Technologies

  1. T Crews says:


  2. CreatorHunter says:

    I can’t believe so many of you are stupid enough to belive this is real.
    There wasnt even a battery or speakers or anything. This is bullshit and
    yall are fools

  3. lakshay jindal says:

    hahahaha..!!!would have been perfect if uploaded on 1st arpil

  4. Teara Um says:

    When it sell in the world?

  5. Odd Future says:

    How df do you charge it?

  6. TheJKJunkie says:

    Technology, forcing us to meet nerds…

  7. Hoocheeman Savage says:

    That goes to show you what smart phones really are, its the technology
    you’ll be forever paying for not the materials which are worth practically

  8. garrison betancourt says:

    my phone is already hard enough to find if i lose it. try finding a
    transparent phone.

  9. Donte Rumph says:

    It would suck watching porn on this phone with the sound off. You’d still
    be able to see smthe video

  10. Ritesh Gujar says:

    What if the phone fall from your pocket or your hand; it will shatter in

  11. clanshadow2 says:

    What about the processor? 

  12. VirtualGirlGamer says:

    how are u able to see the stuff inside, all u see is the number 1

  13. hermann goring says:

    troll of the day

  14. jamaul3000 says:

    You can barely see through

  15. James Morrison says:

    this is stupid because it is already hard enough to see a regular screen on
    a sunny day but this makes it impossible to see even on a cloudy day…

  16. Gabriel Schaub says:

    That makes no fucking sense. Wtf? Yeah its transparent but what if your
    hungover and you dint know which side us which and you rage? Is there even
    a headphone jack? Is the a home button? Are there even apps you can play or
    is this just a transparent camera? Literally where are the components of
    the phone and where is the sd card? Are there cases for it or not? Are
    there even warrantys? Its glass what if you drop the thing and say oops I
    got butterfingers. Whaat if it shatters into millions of pieces. What are
    you going to do sweep it up in a dust pan and got to the carrier and say
    can you make a new one? So many un noticed and so many un capitalized
    information about this. 

  17. Stephanie Garcia says:

    What if u were to loose it.?

  18. Xunofar says:

    I wouldn’t want one 

  19. Minh Nguyen says:

    There will be phone “chips” implanted into our wrists and will project a
    hologram and that will be the screen. Massless 0mm phone!

  20. kchichine hamza says:

    fake motherfucker it s just showing 0 and 1

  21. MikeMaco says:

    This amazing phone shows both the number 0 and the number 1. They are
    predicting in the future it may be able to show other numbers, and possibly
    even certain letters.

  22. Blizzard Hobo says:

    fake i mean

  23. Jazmin Grant says:

    Ummm… Why do you need to see through your phone? The whole point of a
    phone is to communicate and SEE information, not see through it

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