Vertu – A Luxury Mobile Phone Manufacturer

Vertu is a British manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile phones established by Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1…

18 Responses to Vertu – A Luxury Mobile Phone Manufacturer

  1. techzspecz says:

    This was super interesting! Sounds like a dream phone :) Great presentation
    too bro!

  2. floridaproductions says:

    Great commentary, very interesting my friend. Keep up the good work.

  3. Yacine Cino says:

    i can buy a Car with 11k ! why would I buy a phone !! Vertu is just insane
    and their customers are are retarded 

  4. Bala Vignesh says:

    awesome video +Explore Gadgets hope u buy this phone and make a giveaway

  5. Explore Gadgets says:

    About Vertu !

  6. Ashiq Shaikh says:

    Awesome video bro ! :) 

  7. eid goma says:

    A smartphone for rich people well it was about time a company “else Apple”
    care for those how have OVER A MILLION$ now i only desire for one thing the
    high end Luxury VS the high end budget meaning (Vertu VS OnePluse)

  8. Jakko says:

    Woah they’re beautiful, but i don’t think i’d ever buy one

  9. eid goma says:

    The nvidia shield tablet is MUCH desirable by me (and every poweruser and
    gamer) because it the most POWERFUL device out there :)

  10. Maksim Donchev says:

    Awful, even the guy is not English. Who is this idiot buying this phone?

  11. Ah Lim says:

    Note3’s camera just suck ..why would a 11k smartphone use it

  12. jozzerful2 says:

    I think it is ridiculous to pay £11,000 on the phone itself, it looks like
    a nice phone from, before the smartphone came out ,at first glance you
    would not think anything of it, ,now any flagship android phone can do what
    that phone can do, in fact their advertisement of their speakers is compare
    to htc, it can’t be that elite. And i’ve never heard of the maker. But to
    each their own..

  13. Comyu says:

    801 is outdated

  14. freakicker27 says:

    a phone for 11k?

  15. Aqib M Javed says:

    That’s not note 3 that’s note 3 neo mine mob! :D

  16. Smith Dawson says:

    I’m getting one of those.

  17. Ah Lim says:

    Note3’s camera just suck ..why would a 11k smartphone use it

  18. Johnny Guzman says:

    +Frankie Deleon 

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