Vensmile W10 Bay Trail Windows Desktop Mini PC

Vensmile W10 Bay Trail Windows Desktop Mini PC
A new Windows mini PC has been unveiled this week in the form of the Vensmile W10, that measures just 15.1 x 8.0 x 1.0 cm, in size and is equipped with a larger 64GB internal storage and a handy internal battery for portability when required. The …
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AVADirect Announces VR Desktop PCs for Sixense Stem System
You can feel that we're on the verge of a virtual gaming revolution, or so several companies heavily invested in VR technology hope. We're right there with them — not from an investment standpoint, but from the perception of a fan, as we've played …
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How can I add a touchscreen to my desktop PC?
Slimline designs impose thermal constraints on the processor, which will typically operate at a TDP between 15W and 35W, or less. The processor will be throttled when it gets too hot, and the PC may shut down. By contrast, spacious desktop towers can …
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