TV and radio 'retain importance' among EU citizens

TV and radio 'retain importance' among EU citizens
Despite the growing availability of other media outlets, television and radio “retain their importance among EU citizens”, according to new research by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The alliance of public service media companies claims that …

Ancestry Finds Winning Combination In TV Plus Digital, Eyes Programmatic TV
But Ancestry also sees an opportunity in programmatic TV, which it will test in coming months. Jay Eyunni, director of global digital media for Ancestry and a panelist at AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O event on Oct. 29, talked about his company's media …
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Company Shares of China Digital TV Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE:STV) Drops by -12.71%
China Digital TV Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE:STV) has lost 12.71% during the past week and dropped 24.17% in the last 4 weeks. The shares are however, negative as compared to the S&P 500 for the past week with a loss of 13.61%. China Digital TV Holding …
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