Traffic Cops – Crazy Mobile Phone Driver Rams Police Officer

Traffic Cops - Crazy Mobile Phone Driver Rams Police Officer

A driver talking on his mobile goes crazy after being chased by a cop. PC Parry relives the experience that could have killed him…

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25 Responses to Traffic Cops – Crazy Mobile Phone Driver Rams Police Officer

  1. Computing Forever says:

    Check out my latest video: The History of the Mobile Phone

  2. Sebastian Guzman says:

    first phone iPhone 4 my phone now Samsung Galaxy S4 my next will most
    likely the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (when it come out)

  3. HaruhISM Abridgement Suzumiya says:

    First phone: Samsung Tocco lite
    Second phone: iPhone 3GS
    Third phone: iPhone 4
    Current phone: IPhone 5s

  4. Peanutsreveng3 says:

    Firstly and most importantly.
    The internet has had a far bigger impact on society than the mobile phone,
    without the internet, there would be no smart phone.

    That rant out the way (sorry, I usually have at least one for you).

    I currently run an HTC Sensation rooted to 4.4.4 waiting on ‘L’ to leave
    the dev thread and move into the build thread. Although WiFi caused the
    phone to reboot a few times a day so a phone upgrade is on the cards.

    I first had a Motorola … beast brick in ’97/98.
    Favorite phone would probably be the Nokia 3220 or 3330, I remember
    preferring the 3220 for some things when I got the 3330.

  5. Joey JoeJoe Jr Shabadoo says:

    Our first mobile phone was in 1996, thing was pretty big. I don’t currently
    have one, I guess I’m not like the rest of the world.

  6. Robert Santellan says:

    My first mobile phone was the Nokia 5125 on the Tracfone Prepaid cellular
    network. Currently I use the Nokia Lumia 635 on T-Mobile, but have an order
    in for the iPhone 6 Plus. 

  7. jmlon99 says:

    First, iPhone 3gs (blew up) current? iPhone 4s

  8. Grid21 says:

    My first Cell phone was an iPhone 3GS, my current phone is the iPhone 4
    with wanting to upgrade to a iPhone 5.

  9. EVDE KSP says:

    first Nokia (113 like thing)
    Current: still the same

  10. MMat JJo says:

    First: Blackberry
    Current: OnePlus one

  11. Ellen Nguyen says:

    First smartphone I had was the iPhone 4until I accidentally dropped it in
    the toilet with my pics. Then on my 16th birthday I got the HTC HD7 which
    was a low end Windows phone. It was a piece of junk. I currently have the
    note 3 right now

  12. Gamer Log says:

    My first phone was the iPhone 3GS 

  13. Jack Stavris says:

    My first phone was a Nokia 3210 and currently I have a Nokia Lumia 520.
    However I will be upgrading in a couple of months.

  14. ChexMixMondays says:

    Nokia 3260… The one with the weird reversible keyboard/number pad. 

  15. mvilcis says:

    First was a Nokia 6610 (basically Nokia 3310 just a tad bit more features
    and color screen) ,currently I have a Galaxy S3.

  16. TheGuyWhoGamesAlot says:

    My first phone I had was some nokia phone. And I lost it. I don’t have a
    phone anymore, but I rarely used it anyway.

  17. Callum Miller says:

    My first phone was some rubbish IQ phone or whatever it was, battery life:
    about 30 seconds now i have a iPhone 4S

  18. kafkanerd says:

    I love your videos :) <3 <3 <3

  19. Paulo Melo says:

    My first phone was a Nokia 6610 and I currently have a one plus one 

  20. Pete S. says:

    My first phone was a Nokia 1110. Currently I have a 1st gen moto g 4G. 

  21. James Spike says:

    Nice presentation dude. I started with a Nokia, and I still use a
    Nokia…New tech is great but I like less A complicated life. Moreover i do
    not like the idea of being a slave to a small screen or any other piece of
    tech for that matter. I find it most annoying that dumb humans around me
    are ignoring the real world just so they can check new updates on their
    phone…you have to keep reminding them to wake the f**k up. lol

  22. gaming and console tech says:

    First phone was a brick called an er rissoles now I’m using a xperia z2 and
    I wouldn’t change anything.

  23. ConorMacProductions says:

    First Phone: Sony Ericsson K800i
    Current Phone: iPhone 5C Blue 32GB

    Great video! :)

  24. EveryThingTech -Nick Ackerman says:

    My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3310 and now i have the Motorola Razr V3,
    I Have smartphones, but I dont use them because there counterproductive in
    my opinion, unless your job requires them or a scenario in which they are
    absolutely needed. Other than that, I believe the simple process of being
    able to make a call and send an text message to a person from time to time
    is all that’s truly needed by most folks.

  25. joel flores says:

    My first cellphone was a Sony Ericsson t230 and I currently have an iPhone

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