Top 10 Video Games With Customizable Characters

Whether you want to make an accurate re-creation of yourself, or simply create the most hideously disfigured monstrosity known to man, creating your own hero…
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24 Responses to Top 10 Video Games With Customizable Characters

  1. Boobie Hunter says:

    Saint’s Row a GTA ripoff? WatchMojo, i am officially unsubscribed.

  2. MassOreoKiller says:

    I have a confession to make…. Whenever I have the choice/option, I always
    make my character a female and make her wear the sluttiest outfit ever…

  3. LoneRebelX says:

    what the hell, saints row and the WWE games should have been in the No.1
    and 2 sections FAIL!!!

  4. Jack Armes says:

    Surely minecraft should have been on here? 

  5. Zeta Uphill says:

    I’m having a hard time understanding how Sackboy got on the list but GTAV
    online characters did not

  6. Shady Red says:

    Good to see Dragon’s Dogma in the honorable mentions. Wish Dark Souls could
    of made it up there though.

  7. Alex Paul says:

    do top 10 saddest anime back stories

  8. Hylia's Hero says:

    Where is Fire Emblem Awakening? It’s not even an honorable mention? CoD is
    an honorable mention for god’s sake.

  9. man_like_ncube says:

    What do asian kids with down syndrome look like?

  10. Bryalien Smithware says:

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  11. Ben Johnson says:


  12. says:

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  13. Daniel Estrada says:

    WTF where’s sunset overdrive !!!!!????? It should be at least in honorable

  14. kevindagame says:

    Def Jam 2: Fight for NY and the NBA 2K series 

  15. ShadowLarvitar says:

    Saints Row should be #1,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Nate McNeil says:

    “When Saint Rows came out it was a GTA rip off”. Who sucked your dick for
    you say that motherfucker.

  17. Kailey Wilson says:

    Rangnarok Odyssey ACE didn’t even make the honorable mentions? Wow talk
    about underrated…
    Then again my connection is constantly being dropped and you can’t do much
    without the help of other players because the “hired mercenaries” (AI
    controlled comrades)
    are so weak it’s hilarious…
    Yeah I think that just about explains why it probably shouldn’t be on this

  18. says:

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  19. Dakes Liro says:

    I think there could be an honorable mention for Modnation Racer. There was
    a heck of a lot to build the drivers and their cars. 

  20. Edward James Kenway says:

    You guys truly FUCKED UP this list. Soul Caliber should have AT LEAST been
    4th or 3rd; Dragons Dogma should have been on the list (not some crappy
    honorable mentions); The Elder Scrolls should have been on the honorable
    mentions, yeah the games are great, but the character creation sucks ass;
    I’m not even a big fan of Dark Souls, but it definitely deserved to AT
    LEAST been on the honorable mentions. Seriously, I could go on, but there
    would be 1000 lines you’d have to read and Im sure as hell not going to
    right all that down. *sigh* Now that I’ve got that off my mind, good day

  21. Lurmen says:

    2:24 thats not even the arch demon you dinguses.
    thats flemmith. 

  22. says:

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  23. WadelDee says:

    Both Minecraft and Drawn to Life should have been on this list.
    Why choose from a variety of lists and options when you can just draw the
    character yourself? Plus, both games are basically about creation so that’s
    not the only thing you’re gonna create.

    Plus, Freakyforms. I mean, seriously, Spore is the only option on this list
    where you’re not restricted to humans. Why?

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