Tomorrow’s World: Mobile Phone 13 September 1979 – BBC

From the BBC Archive ‘Tomorrow’s World’ collection: Michael Rodd makes a call with an experimental co…

25 Responses to Tomorrow’s World: Mobile Phone 13 September 1979 – BBC

  1. James Grimwood says:

    This will never catch on.

  2. Benjamin Handley says:

    I bet it gets better battery life than my iPhone.

  3. smith23 says:

    I remember sitting through this waiting patiently for Top Of The Pops to
    come on

  4. BBC600 says:

    I love the ending!

  5. paddy9i99 says:

    Back when the BBC actually had some bollocks.
    Watch any programme now it’s presented by youthful ‘telly-friendly’

  6. Name says:

    There is something called a MOBILE PHONE, jeepers this guy is clueless.

  7. count69 says:

    Alan Partridge!

    And I bet that ‘mobile’ phone was cooking his kidneys when he had it in his

  8. Rogers Digital World says:

    And I’m old enough to remember this program lol

  9. martel hinds says:

    And this as well

  10. suziecreamchease says:

    what will they think of next ?

  11. Ed Lake says:


  12. Salvador García YS1GC says:

    Desde 1973 se hacian experimentos de telefonía inalambrica, este fue un
    equipo que tenían en el mercado en 1979, en franjas digitales, saludos

  13. Rolla Coasta Ride says:

    your balance is low, you’re being diverted to the O2 top-up line

  14. rareblues78daddy says:

    1973, America: First Cell phone demonstrated.
    1979, Japan: First Cellular network.
    1979, Britain: “LOL! RADIOPHONE!”

    C’mon, Britain.

  15. gienek70 says:

    0:51 Kudelski S.A. Nagra – Polish tape recorder

  16. John Lowe says:

    And how much will this new fangled technology cost up? I bet it’s out of my

  17. Josue Trujillo says:

    Lmao did anyone notice that it is a fuckin cell phone with a rotary dial?

  18. Dogcatcher3rd says:

    The all new Iphone 10S

  19. Neo Racer says:

    3:20 what is this ‘digital’ you speak of? And what is this ‘digital’ you
    talk of?

  20. John Webster says:


  21. Dominic Warren says:

    Go Danbury!

  22. Replace Base says:

    Take a look at this video from the BBC. Discussing a #mobile #phone in
    1979! How #technology has changed! Tomorrow’s World: Mobile Phone 13
    September 1979 – BBC

  23. MaryStewart says:

    0g cell?

  24. steve doody says:

    Alan partridge?

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