Tips to increase the storage on your iPhone

Tips to increase the storage on your iPhone
By default, the iPhone stores texts forever; you can change that setting if you are operating on iOS8 by going to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and once there you can de-select keeping them forever and choose to keep them for 30 days or one year.
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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Use Your iPhone In Bed
The iPhone is the first thing many of us grab in the morning and the last thing we look at before shutting our eyes. A startling report outlines five reasons you shouldn't use your iPhone in bed, or even an hour before you plan to go to sleep. In short …
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iOS 9: Simple fixes that could make your iPhone 6 even better
Other iOS 9 “fixes” ZDNet proposes include a “better, faster camera app,” a battery saving mode, guest mode access on iPad and iPhone, Apple Pay support for more regions (at least for iPhone 6 and other devices that can support the payments feature …
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Review: Lenmar's Maven Battery Case for iPhone 6 streamlines a familiar
Like most other iPhone 6 battery cases I've tested, Maven ships with both a micro-USB to USB charging cable and a headphone port extender cable; the extender is necessary if you're hoping to use most of the non-Apple headphones out there. Unusually …
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