The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps
If I could use one word to describe myself, it would definitely be inconsistent, and one point where that's apparent (to me), is drinking coffee. Sometimes I'll drink it every day for a week, other times I'll get my caffeine elsewhere. It's very …
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Travelers scramble after iPad issues delay American Airlines flights
Travelers were scrambling for alternative transportation after a glitch with iPads used by pilots forced American Airlines to ground dozens of flights Tuesday and Wednesday. Healthcare entrepreneur Dan Webb told USA TODAY via Twitter that he was on …
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Airbnb's app finally works with the iPad and Android tablets
That change today with the release of Airbnb for the iPad and Android tablets. If you've used Airbnb at all since its redesign last July, you'll feel right at home here. After logging in, the app presents you with a nicely scrolling grid of potential …
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