The Explosive Growth of Audio on Demand

The Explosive Growth of Audio on Demand
This presentation gave details of the company's 2015 podcasting data, as well as look into the future of on-demand audio for both content producers and advertisers. The following is look at many of the key points presented at this presentation and …
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Can Samsung crack wireless audio with its dinosaur egg speakers?
Dotted around the space, either on shelves next to curved-screen TVs or suspended from the ceiling, are a dozen egg-shaped Wireless Audio 360 speakers. The effect reminds me of a scene from Ridley Scott's "Alien," minus the facehuggers. The speaker's …
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HEVC Audio: Based on the Past, Headed for the Future
ALEXANDRIA, VA.—When we discuss video compression such as MPEG-2 and H.264, most of us tend to think of the video aspects and don't think much about the audio. Sure, audio is important, but it's just… there. Now that there is a strong push to move …
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