Taiwan unveils transparent mobile phone

Taiwan unveils transparent mobile phone.
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25 Responses to Taiwan unveils transparent mobile phone

  1. Garrett Neal says:

    So no more porn?

  2. spidaminida says:

    Although it can only display 0 and 1.
    And sometimes both.

  3. Juan Carlos says:

    where s the fu..ing battery ????

  4. Duderobi Patschie says:

    Working phone? I saw nothing working its only an Hologram from the 0 and a
    1 and this is nothing new

  5. Chandler Nickles says:

    This just in…over a year ago… Tony Stark’s phone being made into

  6. Sean Smurfy says:

    Mobile phones have been getting smaller since the very first one came out,
    and now they are going invisible. It seems like we want to not want to have
    what we have, but still have it at the same time.

  7. iris starr says:

    almost 18 months later and I don’t see anyone using one.

  8. SwampyPk - Gaming Channel! says:

    So it can show a 1 and a 0 at the same time and its hard to read dependent
    on what light its under? I don’t get it. Can someone clear this up for me!
    Is it a proof of concept or a device?

  9. Carlos Valenzuela says:

    It will be on sale by the end if this year, well that video was uploaded in
    2013 idk if that news program was also in 2013, but yeah I haven’t heard of
    a transparent phone and it’s already July 2014.

  10. Bdevlin Milsim says:

    This phone is going to be a bitch in the sunlight

  11. silversurfers7 says:

    ….One better, …”Japan invents invisible phone.”….lol.

  12. r0ck3t says:

    It’s call binary code people, if you don’t understand it, of course you’re
    going to question the numbers on the screen. -_-

  13. Bdevlin Milsim says:

    it’s been two years. WHERE IS IT

  14. joseph kiska says:


  15. Marra Virge says:


  16. Nicholas Ng says:

    So.. Its made to display both 1 & 0 WOW amazing!

  17. Kenneth Avila says:

    Want them to discover invisible cars not invisible phones.

  18. hihi977 says:

    You can barely see the screen cuz the background is bright af

  19. Rando Kuusk says:

    So umm.. I’m gonna go out with my friends.. have few drinks and when I’m
    finally going home I accidentally drop the phone. Its dark and It’s
    snowing. WELL FUCK.

  20. David Gardner says:

    I did not actually see this thing working other than an LED that was on. It
    had what looked like simulated numbers “1 and 0″ on the screen, but nothing
    else. I think we are still a bit far from manufacturing and sales. 

  21. john young says:

    be patient plz, new technology is possible!

  22. Nur Hayati says:

    i dream of a phone that will transform into decepticon

  23. kittson lim says:

    Taiwan unveils transparent mobile phone: http://youtu.be/u5mEyUHr1YY

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