Sony Sensors Score With iPhone 6, Galaxy Users

Sony Sensors Score With iPhone 6, Galaxy Users
That helps produce thinner devices — something critical to building stylish models such as the iPhone 6 or the Galaxy S6 — compared to previous versions, which have both chips on one layer. This thinner design is something that competitors such as …
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iPhone used for promo photo of HTC's 24K-gold One M9
Oops. Some HTC employee has probably found themselves in a great deal of trouble today. The Taiwanese company has just announced a limited edition of its One M9 smartphone that comes in 24-karat gold. As is typical, HTC tweeted a few promotional …
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This MIT Battery Has K From Kickstarter to Keep Your iPhone Juiced
When he switched to iPhone, he missed having the freedom to put in a new battery. CoBattery came to them as a "nicer solution" than just swapping out the built-in battery. They started with iPhones because they often have battery problems and couldn't …
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