Samsung Galaxy S6 Sexier than the iPhone?!

Samsung has announce their new Galaxy S6! Go to and enter the code: SFNerd for 15% off! GET OUR OFFICIAL APP: More stories at: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S6 Sexier than the iPhone?!

  1. Mr.Baggins says:

    I really don’t like the new guy. You can feel him trying and he just gives
    me the same feeling that so many cheesy and unfunny YouTube news channels

  2. Josh Nichols says:

    I like this new guy. He reminds me of Robby from victorious and Josh from
    Drake and Josh. Hug me new BROTHAAA!!! This phone is a mix of the iPhone 4
    + the iPhone 6. Kind of useless without the SD card expansion. The Sony Z4
    is going to be the best this year. 

  3. Christina Stark says:

    I have the s4 and my contract is up in May so you already know that I’m
    gonna get this s6. The Edge looks really sexy too, but I feel like I’d
    accidentally press the edges all the time and I’m not up for that stress.
    Anyways, I’m so glad they got rid of the dang plastic, it looks so good I
    want to cry.

  4. Raymond Hayse says:

    I’m not much an Android guy, but that S6 is lookin’ pretty sleek. 

  5. TheCoBBus says:

    Looks good! But won’t beat the IPhone 6

  6. Taylor Fallin says:

    There’s something about Steve idk what it is but I don’t like him. Then
    again I didn’t like Matt when he first joined so I’m probably just being an
    asshole who’s afraid of change. Keep up the good work!

  7. Kidd Risky says:

    I was sold until they mentioned no removable battery and SD card. I have an
    upgrade coming up in June, time to do some research. Any suggestions?

  8. saburu2011 says:

    i would have enjoyed this more if Trisha reported this. and this new guy
    is…nervous. so I cant tell if he’s good yet.

  9. Fresh Futon says:

    I’m kinda butt hurt by the irreplaceable battery…
    I’m a superuser, every phone I’ve gotten has been rooted and slightly over
    clocked. When I do those things my battery drains “a bit” faster. I know I
    can just buy a case with an extended battery, but doesn’t that ruin the
    point of having the phone be a little thinner?
    There is also the fact batteries degrade over time. My S4 has gotten 3
    batteries over it’s life cycle to keep battery life at at least 5 hrs with
    of hard use. (Like having dual screen with Halo active)
    I’m not sure I’ll be getting the S6 this year, probably the S7 next year if
    they’ll have removable batteries.

    Also, your S6 freezes… How the heck are you gonna reset it if the
    batteries can’t be removed?!

  10. zack bradford says:

    Not a fan of the new Steve.

    I’ve done some research on him, read his welcome to sf article and watched
    a few of his videos and I can honestly say that I greatly dislike this guy.
    I’m sure he appeals to 13 year olds, but not I…

  11. Zainah G says:

    Guys don’t hate on Steve he just needs to get comfortable and be himself.

  12. NewKingBrandon says:

    Man. I hate how manufacturers are competing for thinnest phone on the
    market. Focus on comfort and fit in hand, but primarily focus on a nice
    juicy battery. That’s what ever consumer cares about. No one wants a an
    excellent phone that can only last 4 hours even if can charge up to 4 hours
    of battery in 10 min. I don’t want to have to get my phone back on the
    charger until the end of the night

  13. AtrumDelorox says:

    Such beauty, so feature-rich, so lacking in removable media…
    Wait what?!
    I learned my lesson the first time. If I can’t use an SD card, I’m not
    buying your shitty phone.
    Why does Samsung want to be the iPhone of Androids? You’re defiling an
    otherwise superior phone Samsung. Turn back, if it’s not too late yet…

  14. Loominarty Gaming says:

    I’m thinking about getting an S6 instead of another iPhone when my contract
    runs out. Should I do it? I know Android phones have some advantages but
    the iPhone is really simple and easy to use like most Apple products.

  15. Deer Park says:

    One reason why I don’t watch you guys much anymore. The poor research.
    Constantly giving wrong information. It’s small details but wrong
    nonetheless. Showing pictures of mocks up and not the actual phone when
    they already released what it looks like and some components of it. 

  16. Lauren Sabino says:

    Everyone, lets all give a warm welcome to Steven! Hi Steven :)

  17. footyos says:

    cheeeeesed about it, i love the s5, but for the “premium feel” i need to
    sacrifice a removable battery and expandable memory no thanks, they
    sacrificed everything for speed and looks, i dont care if the phone looks
    sleek while i talk on it, i want it to able to work for at least a day
    (that 2600mah battery doesnt look too good with the power it outputs) i
    want to be able to store thousands of songs, pictures, videos and files for
    work, i have a 32gb phone with 64 gb sd card its both full. basically id
    rather have a functional phone than a designer phone, il wait to see what
    lg and sony come out with this spring, m9 didnt blow me away that much

  18. Ethan Yorke says:

    Or you could spend have the money and get a phone that is much better in
    nearly every category (OnePlus One).

  19. TheRedhairshanx says:

    I was excited because i thought steven was off the channel because we
    havent seen him in a while. Now im sad that he is back. 

  20. b1merio says:

    That ain’t Steve! There’s only one Steve on SF! Get this guy out of here or
    call him something else :P Anyway, was into the phone until you said the
    battery and SD cards were nonremovable. Pass.

  21. Too Tall Gaming says:

    I still have an S3 and It’s working well for me. Might upgrade in the next
    year or so though. Not sure yet

  22. inoahicefisherman says:

    I’ve been waiting 5+ months for this phone, so, yeah. Oh yeah. I’m dropping
    whatever in doing and getting the S6 as soon as it hits stores.

  23. Anthony Q. says:

    I’ve had the Note 2 for a while and it still works perfectly fine. Love the
    big screen for watching tv shows. Really disappointed in the whole no
    removable battery or SD card slot deal. Those are huge components for

  24. alex santana says:

    What’s the damn big deal with a non removable battery? I’m sure they take
    into consideration the possibility of it dying.

    It must likely won’t completely die on you. And if it does, than you really
    gotta stop using your phone. 

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