Official iPad Mini Screen / Digitizer Replacement Video & Instructions –

Official iPad Mini Screen / Digitizer Replacement Video & Instructions - – iCracked, the world’s best iPhone, iPod, and iPad repair company, shows you how to repair your iPad Mini (WiFi, LTE + 3G) with their Official iPad Mini (WiFi, LTE…
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25 Responses to Official iPad Mini Screen / Digitizer Replacement Video & Instructions –

  1. ProCraftGamer says:

    for some reason on the left side of the metal plate of the screws they wont
    unscrew??????? plz reply anyone help!!!!

  2. Tony Gonzalez says:

    This might sound weird but I’m watching this on a cracked iPad mini

  3. Las prichi says:

    How Many does that Cost?

  4. jmgraham says:

    I don’t have a heat gun what else can I use

  5. Daniel Fernandes Filho says:

    Thank you magnificent splendid helped me a lot

  6. James Harris says:

    wow! watched 3 of these videos before this one, this is the only one to
    mention testing the screen before gluing it all down. the only one to
    mention keeping the digitizer cable positioned correctly, and the only one
    to mention “sealing” it by using heat and weight. 

  7. Devin Kennemore says:

    Went off without a single hitch first try. This is the best video, by far,
    of any that I watched before doing it myself. It’s probably worth watching
    a few of the short 6-10 minute videos others have produced, but this one
    really nails the details. You’ll be surprised how much the others leave

  8. Gareth Sheehan says:

    Many thanks, spot-on tutorial. Worked a treat.

  9. Jesus G. Villagomez Arias says:

    Wow, what an awesome video! Thanks!

  10. vOodOoDOPEBOYFRESH says:

    no back protection……youre scratching up the device.

  11. Cam G. says:

    So, the screen works totally fine. My issue it that (with them in the
    correct positions) the magnets under the digitizer keep acting up, as if
    one of those smart “flap” cases is being open and closed. Help??

    Edit: I even tried removing the magnets completely, the iPad continues to
    act as if there is a from cover opening and closing when moved specific

  12. Daniel Fernandes Filho says:

    Hi, I have a problem and I need help.
    The magnetic system of the Smart Case does not work after I switch the
    Touch my Ipad Mini 3G. Perfectly follow the video and magnetic are
    correctly positioned . The LCD ground , screws and fittings were made
    perfectly ..
    What’s the matter ??

  13. Ty Herl says:

    Does this work because my iPad mini screen just broke but not to bad

  14. kasqa93 says:

    Hi, yesterday I broke my screen and now it is not only broken, but it
    doesn’t work – when I unlock the device everything is moving itself and
    when I touch it it works not in the place I touched but somewhere else. Can
    I just replace the screen and it will be ok, or it is more complicated

  15. Paul Roberts says:

    This is one of the best videos out there for performing this task. You are
    meticulous and thorough, I hardly even had to pause and moved right along
    with you. My time ended up being about 1 1/2 hours to complete but only
    because I try to keep everything clean as I go. Thanks again for your time
    and expertise. Look forward to having to use more of your videos.

  16. cw Choi says:

    thanks for quality video

  17. Samantha Bear says:

    I tried watching a few times, so there is no soldering involved with this
    replacement? why do some videos have soldering?! :/

  18. Zainadeen Abdo says:
  19. theultimategamer says:

    I am 9 still very interesting

  20. David Gilmour says:

    Is it different on ipad mini 3?

  21. Muscle Bird says:

    nice tutorial!

  22. Azer831 says:

    what do you use to clean the lcd screen?

  23. Martin Jr says:

    I replaced my digitizer but it’s still showing blank screen, there’s power
    on the ipad as pressing the Home button prompted Siri. I switched back to
    the old digitizer to be sure if the new was broken but it also showed blank
    screen (previously it showed random blurred colors), did I missed something
    while connecting the new digitizer?

  24. wrcwilson says:

    Good day,
    Sir this is one of the best videos online i ever seen.
    it explains is a way very easy to understand, i was having problems in the
    last part (bending the flex cable without damaging it)
    your video explain in a very good way that problem :)
    i will buy from you the sidekick brush of course .
    Best regards,

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