Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Audio)

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24 Responses to Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Audio)

  1. Vy Vo says:

    I want to see nicki and iggy make a music video together 

  2. chrihanna minaj says:

    this song is the first solo single that made number 1 on itunes by a female
    rapper, nicki winning #nickiminaj #anaconda #anacondaonitunes 

  3. Satoshi Mochida says:

    I announce this song:
    Darude – AssStorm

  4. Ben Nielsen says:

    I like Nicki better than Iggy because Nicki sings in some of her songs not
    just rap. While Iggy only raps, so Minaj is more creative to me (my

  5. AmberBlogs says:

    I love iggy azealea, but Nicki is the queen. I was so annoyed that iggy won
    the TCA. I guarantee 99% of those people only voted for her because of
    fancy and problem. 

  6. idanbar42 says:

    I’m not saying that nicki minaj is a slut but if her pussy had a password
    it would be 1234

  7. Hydroxoid says:

    Everyone is debating who is better, Iggy or Nicki? Well they’re both
    equally terrible, music is total garbage nowadays, like this. Now we know
    why teenagers are getting knocked up :)

  8. Tierney Ellerbee says:

    if yall dont like it why yall watch it >=|

  9. JordanS ituation says:

    LMAO did she actually think this piece of SHIT would hit #1?

  10. curvylouis says:

    i hate myself for liking this song 

  11. Mr.Krabs(ง'̀-'́)ง says:

    This song is so bad that I am cracking up, talking about her fake ass. I’m
    little annoyed that she used Sir Mix a lot music though.
    I’m going to be a little serious…whoever produce the music should
    seriously get bitched slapped to outer space because this bad….

  12. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    This song is so trash, Nicki Minaj fucking sucks. She will never be on Iggy
    Azaleas level

  13. 8polander8 says:

    This song was released to create buzz for nicki again, the same way she did
    with Stupid Hoes

  14. Emily Horan says:

    This song is a bit weird…..

  15. Byakuro Sasaki says:

    Aoba’s Aobooty Theme tbh

  16. TheHipHoppip says:

    after hearing pills n’ potions, i thought nicki had changed……..

    I guess not………

  17. Alphonso Gayden says:

    I think the reason some of y’all females that go on her videos to say “oh
    she’s plastic”
    Is because you know she look better than you and you need reassurance or
    To make yourself feel better.

  18. ThingsByCindy says:

    to yall skinny gurls offended stfu. she didnt mean ‘skinny’ she meant ur
    ass. ‘fuck the skinny bitches, i wanna see all the big fat ass…’ yall
    should be embarrassed for thinking dat lmfao.

  19. Apollyon says:

    Sir Mix A LOT is in shame! A 1992 remake with a ?!?!? Anaconda!?!!? What is
    wrong with this GENERATION! Can they not STOP taking old songs and make a
    muk out of them! The worst she could of done was bring back the song in 1
    piece! She would of got applause from the 90’s generation and today’s
    generation!! They would of liked it for sure! But on a good note :P It made
    me listen to SIR MIX A LOT’S real 1992 version of Baby Got Back…. Thanks
    NICKI! :) But to say Nicki’s voice is more of a fake crap rap attention
    seeking artist with a touch of a real life idiot! Nothing more! You want
    real woman rap.. Go see DA BRAT! Since Nicky took 80% of her talent from
    her! Go see Missy Elliot, Foxy Brown, Little Kim etc.. Now that’s real!

  20. Erick reyes says:

    NICKI we need more tracks like “Supebass”, “Starship” or the unreleased
    WHIP IT!… from your roman reloaded album. I think like I heard this track
    before, it’s like from “I Like big Butts but I cannot lie”.

  21. Fruitarian says:

    she’ll always be the best female rapper

  22. DaRealVitamin says:

    It’s funny because her ass is fake

  23. MultiYournext says:

    …..shes not a role model right…..

  24. OTM Channel - Peter H. says:

    1 337 gays. :D

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