My 2014 PC desktop setup at home – By TotallydubbedHD

My UPDATED setup: My 42second MKBHD video: Things mentioned in the vid…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ortis joins Rachel and Jason to tell us why the desktop PC has gone the way of the dodo and we should be throwing the beige boxes of yesteryear to the scraph…

36 Responses to My 2014 PC desktop setup at home – By TotallydubbedHD

  1. Nick Fuhrmann says:

    i have the same desktop :D

  2. Brady Brumfield says:


  3. Thaddeus Fernandes says:

    Bro how much did the whole setup cost you in $?

  4. ShootItMagazine says:

    Yaaaaayyy!!! Thanks for the shoutout bro!!!

  5. Keane Cuevas says:

    There’s a PC stand under your desk. Why not use it?

  6. Wassem Hamze says:

    Nice Setup dude like it so much :)

  7. FellowGnome01 says:

    You should use Zip ties to manage your cords.

  8. HazardG33K says:

    It’s me from the livestream just trying to say that I want some people to
    play Battlefield and Titanfall with so I picked you :D

  9. The xeno says:

    I’ve got that monitor for ps4 it’s awesome

  10. Brian Gariepy says:

    nubtuf still a great board

  11. totallydubbedHD says:

    My 2014 PC desktop setup at home

  12. NoobSeanGamer says:

    Filthy casuals, try rendering/gaming/editing at anything near HD on
    something that has the thermal capability of a sock.

    Checkmate you cheeky scrublords!

  13. David G says:

    Says the idiots rendering this very video in a desktop computer.

  14. SpyRos13 says:

    89 ppl who liked this abomination, should go and shove their tablets and
    1GB flash drive in their arses.
    Edit* And it drove 36 ppl to subscribe? Clueless, gullible ppl -_-

  15. terrywrist_ says:

    4:36 lol 1.9GHz

  16. BritbongReturns says:

    Pure idiocy.

  17. HungryForTechHD says:

    for gaming you still need a desktop

  18. Arthas Leks says:

    ” Desktop sales fell even further ”
    Haha nice one, of course no one is buying a full built PC.
    Buying it is more expensive.
    British cunts.

  19. Ortis Deley says:

    its dead… deal with it

  20. TSBR says:

    This is fucking retarded. Are you kidding me? The desktop computer will
    NEVER die.

  21. Muffins says:

    watching this on my desktop

  22. Lin Chester says:

    I think you guys forget the rise of iTX PCs and SteamBox

    Adobe Creative suite and 3DCAD still need tons of computing power,

    Linus built a mini computer with GTX780Ti in SLi and that still beat the
    crap out of the Alienware joke of a desktop replacement 

  23. luckySkillFaker says:

    how can a bunch of idiots like that get so much attention? (not really
    helping by typing here…)

    damn casuals…

  24. Zefside says:

    So your shitty show was edited and rendered by a tablet? K.

  25. ss10baby says:

    Who the fuck spends 1000 euros on a flash drive.

  26. John Red says:

    People who don’t know anything about technology hosting a show about

  27. Kryptik Komatose says:

    i will and have never used a fucking tablet or the cloud i dont care the
    only portable thing i ever use is a laptop i wont even use stupid
    smartphones or iphones or android phones i still use a slide phone forgive
    me for being obtuse but this is all orwell 1984 bullshit!!

  28. Theirradiation says:

    I hope the producer gets raped by a fucking t-rex You guys have no fucken
    idea what your talking about.
    I cant run my sony vegas photoshop and fraps plus a video game at the same
    time on a fucken tablet or laptop it will catch on fire or kill itself in
    seconds XD

  29. EmptyHero says:

    a kitchen appliance and antique farming equipment giving advice on computer
    components. no thanks.

  30. Alfarjamie says:

    What the fuck are these guys talking about? Desktops are dead for anything
    other than production and gaming SURE. Portable devices/tablets are only
    good for user friendly media consumption and laptops are sort of halfway
    and mostly come under what is even said in this video.. Work and education.
    Desktops still reign king for intensive processes and gaming. I don’t think
    this channel should be allowed to talk about technology anymore. Especially
    when the comparison they are showing is some 1990’s piece of shit and not
    describing the full facts of what desktops are still used for.

  31. SketchAndEtch says:

    ….Are those people high?

    Are they even aware that some people use PC’s for something else than

    Maybe they come from some alternate universe?

    PC isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  32. Istvan Eger says:

    Fuck these people! Can your tablet edit, game, multitask, stream, or
    anything that requires any actual computing power? I THINK NOT!

  33. epicsweg says:

    Sure is /g/ in here…

  34. TheRetroZombie says:

    Desktops aren’t going anywhere. In fact it’s the other way around with
    laptops. If you notice they’ve been dying off in stores and being replaced
    by tablets.

  35. Google allows naughty words like Fuck and Shit says:

    lol they aare rigth my surface 2 rt is much better than shit PC gays and
    xbox one is the best gaming machine so you fags that still play on pc or
    ps4 should shoot your sleves 

  36. Midvale says:

    you poorfags can’t handle the Future™

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