Mortal Kombat X Cage Family Trailer (2015) – MKX Video Game HD

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25 Responses to Mortal Kombat X Cage Family Trailer (2015) – MKX Video Game HD

  1. Omar Harris says:

    Aww…I wish Johnny and Sonya weren’t exes. 

  2. Remielle VII says:

    Oh wow, the “Here’s Johnny..’ part was so cheesy, I cringed.

  3. Crashasaurus says:

    baraka at 26:00

  4. Nick Buchanan says:

    How come at the end in the pre-order special message it says “pre order
    blahblahblah ONLY AT GAME” ? Not sure if type or what lol

  5. necroshadow says:

    johnny,sonya and mileena confirmed as playable. this day couldnt get any
    better. *shows johnnys fatality* okay screw that this is now the best day

  6. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    Wow! Kratos at 00:47 ??

  7. Charlie Dunes says:

    Heh-heh. Johhny and Sonya still kicking a$$ and taking names! Here’s
    Johhny? Man,I knew he’d say that sooner or later.

  8. JB mewRob says:

    Ok! You Cage fans were right! Johnny and sonya are gonna make the game even
    tho cassie’s in it! And I was wrong! I was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!
    Are you Cage fans happy now?!

  9. Amber Chambers says:

    omg, soo excited!!!, I think its awesome that they have a badass family all
    in one game, too awesome

  10. SCORPION shirai ryu says:

    Ma boy Johnny is back, love his fatality….Heerreerrrssss JOHNNY!!

  11. Jonathan Chou says:

    Kens hi looks good with a beard

  12. Raiden3651 says:

    Why did they make cassie if they were gonna put johnny and sonya in the
    game? Not saying shell be ignored but cmon, she’s just alt styles for
    johnny/sonya now.

  13. Myles Moye says:

    The second character is Jax you can tell by the arms.

  14. Damion Sok says:

    Funny that they put a reference to the “Here’s Freddy” Witb Johnny also
    didnt everyone notice that Kenshinis gonna be in MKX

  15. AJ Tom says:

    Sonya, Cassie and Johnny in MKX? hmm…I wonder what their fighting intros
    would be like and how they brutally kill each other in the fight? :D :)

  16. Nigel Ducreay says:

    to all bitches complaining about pre-ordering to fight as goro and the
    developers just want money blah blah. They are asking pre-order not PAY
    EXTRA!. deal with it.

  17. Chris _Tommy says:

    Liu you HAVE TO COME BACK!!

  18. Deon Rogers says:

    Johnny is by far one of the coolest looking aged characters!

  19. mfzbitch says:

    I wonder why they got divorced. Hell there’s a lot of things I wanna
    know!!! lol just one more month and I’m gonna be kicking some ass on the

  20. Scorpionboiy IDK says:

    I dont know about all of you guys and gals but i got goose bumps when at
    the end johnny said “Heres johnny”

  21. Olivier Texier says:

    Everybody’s in that game got a Spec Ops outfit… so boring !!!

  22. supermysticsonic2 says:

    For what fucking purpose have they shrunk Sonya’s boobs?

  23. Vash Rein says:

    What’s the song in the trailer? I MUST KNOW

  24. damonte brandon says:

    The messed up the date at the end its 4-14-15 they put 14-4-15

  25. david Garrett says:


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