Mobile phone in Chaplin’s Circus (1928) ?

Cellular Phone ? Ear Trumpet ? Pocket Model Carbon Microphone ? In Deep 1928年に撮影された「チャップリンのサーカス」の中のワンシーンです。
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41 Responses to Mobile phone in Chaplin’s Circus (1928) ?

  1. Jinzouningen Juunanagou says:

    The scene is located in the “Extras”~ and its nervous pedestrians casually
    walking by Shyly’

  2. Natasha Viana says:

    O mais incrivel é que realmente parece que ela está falando no celular, até
    porque voce consegue ver que seus lábios mexem como se ela estivesse
    falando… eu achei que ela poderia estar segurando a aba do chapeu, mas
    olhando de perto dá pra ver que ela segura algo na orelha, abaixo da aba do

  3. Rebellion says:

    She ‘s covering her face from camera :P

  4. 흉추 Basha says:

    Time travel is possible, in regard to relativity. Time dilation is very

  5. MugenKI3 says:

    she had ear problem there is no such thing is time travel 

  6. Edgar Aguilar Michaus says:

    its impossible because un that time there no telephonic line!! so how its
    talking with someone?? for satellite? but it was made in the cold war…
    its IMPOSIBLE!!!!

  7. BoDaisuke says:



  8. KillerNanny says:

    she’s holding her hat, just that

  9. markccful says:

    She could, be speaking to the man in front of her or she could talking with
    herself… Or she could have trouble breathing, because she is old and

  10. Sasa Milic says:

    she’s holding Galaxy s6

  11. Alex Firsoff says:

    Сотовые вышки, и те с кем он разговаривает тоже переместились во времени?

  12. Aprime says:

    please zoom in more, I didn’t see

  13. Youcef Halimaoui says:

    Its normal there is no scene like that, if she really is a time traveller
    she erased the scene as soon we discovered it. PLease think before you

  14. Dilan Uğuz says:

    there is no scene like this at the circus

  15. kelly yang says:



  16. Shamim Hossain says:

    Has anyone actually watched the film? I have. Can’t find that scene
    anywhere, let alone a women with a cell phone!

  17. Gregor Knopik says:
  18. gramps24 says:

    hearing aid is best explanation thusfar

  19. John Puccia says:


  20. Winduct says:

    I’m definitely sure that this scene wasn’t in the film.

  21. Jonathan Mena says:

    undercover time traveller

  22. TheMortonRainey says:

    1:05 she speak!

  23. Gilang Aleksandrov says:

    SHE IS DISAPPEAR..!!!!!!

  24. suhrtokyo says:

    I do not think that I have a mobile phone in the hand in the age it when
    the time travel can be done.

  25. yean lam says:

    Can remote without open google chrome?

  26. SnowheartTheGamer says:

    Hi I am a major butt hole call me a stupid person.

  27. Nobel Wong says:

    How do u make it work using iPhone? Which app to download?

  28. Kei Jei says:

    is this wifi or internet required ? 

  29. dharmateja reddy says:

    There is an notification popping out from the taskbar saying “This screen
    is being shared with some email” Is there any way to hide this
    notification..?Thanks in advance.

  30. liaquat Ali says:

    Beautifull im baying mobile

  31. aboodmilani says:

    cool bro

  32. Ez chavez says:

    thank you for the help

  33. liaquat Ali says:

    ap urdu mai Q ni tutorial bana ty

  34. mohd shabbir says:
  35. The ProGamer says:

    awesome video thanks for all the help 

  36. Rehan Malik says:

    It helped me bro thank you (Y)

  37. ELmO Xxx says:

    thx a lot its cooool!

  38. Jose Navarro says:

    Thank you. This video was helpful

  39. adnan hassan says:

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