Martin Lewis' mobile phone saving tips

Martin Lewis' mobile phone saving tips
Take Virgin Mobile's 12-month Sim-only contract, for example. It comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and a big 3GB of 3G data for £15/month. So I'm going to use this as my benchmark highest price as it should meet the needs of all but the …
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Flashback: What we said about mobile phones in 1983
On what planet would someone pay $ 3,000 for a mobile phone that can't text, take a picture or go online? This one, just a short 32 years ago. The gigantic Motorola phone, compared to today's devices, was heralded as a revolutionary new device. But that …
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Your mobile phone turns debit card for small payments
We all have had the exhausting experience of standing in long queues in big retail stores, shopping malls or even food joints to pay for our purchases. Although the advent of credit/debit cards did reduce the strain of the task a little but standing in …
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