iPhone 7: Will Apple Include Voice Unlocking?

iPhone 7: Will Apple Include Voice Unlocking?
For example, Apple's Touch ID is intended to secure the iPhone system from theft or misplacement. But as impressive as this system can be, the idea of being able to unlock an iPhone via voice recognition will certainly appeal to many iPhone owners. And …
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iPhone 7 Release Date: Bendgate Issues To Be Solved With Use Of New Alloy
The iPhone 7 release date may bring a device that is resistant to bending. While we haven't heard much from Bendgate as of late, it seems Apple is taking into consideration those with skinny jeans and back pockets. According to GSM Arena, via UDN …
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What's the Best iPhone 6 Case?
If you're ready to drop some serious dough on a quality iPhone 6 case, there are lots of great cases out there that will stand the test of time (or at the very least, last until your next upgrade). Here are the best battery, waterproof, leather, rugged …
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