iPhone 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3GS vs 3G vs 2G Drop Test!

Out of every generation iPhone product Apple has ever produced, which one proves to be the strongest? Watch as I drop test every single device! FACEBOOK: htt…

25 Responses to iPhone 6 Plus vs 6 vs 5S vs 5C vs 5 vs 4S vs 4 vs 3GS vs 3G vs 2G Drop Test!

  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    All of these phones have one thing in common. They’re all pieces of shit.

  2. Lauren Martins says:

    WHY ? I don’t get Americans, why waste precious Earth resources by
    intentionally breaking your phone in such way? If you want to know if your
    phone is resistant, read the manual or ask the manufacturer. Whats the
    problem with these people?

  3. Castro Fernandes says:

    Nice video mate! Subscribed!

  4. Brandon P. says:

    I still have the iPhone 4s, but i want to upgrade to the 5c.

  5. George Braithwaite says:

    8:56 – drops on its back and only does one bounce.
    8:58 – drops on its front and does about 5 bounces and flips.
    Completely fake.

  6. mistermoomoo says:

    Wow iphones are so much better than shitdroids. You need to get on our
    level guys. Shitsung just copies iphone. Who had the idea to make a touch
    screen first? IPHONE. who had the idea to make a speakerphones first?
    IPHONE. Iphone innovates shitsung just copies who had the idea to make a
    bigger screen thats right the iphone 6 plus oh and dont even bother arguing
    with me anyone who argues with me i already know is wrong

  7. Irena Vidakovic says:

    WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS TO THE PHONES??? i have alcatel 2005 and im trying to
    bay a new phone,but you…YOU HAVE 10 PHONES AND YOU WANT TO DROP THEM AND

  8. Gunner Robinson says:

    Well, looks like I’m getting the 3gs

  9. TechRax says:

    Every generation iPhone device, drop tested!

  10. Bryan Lee says:

    All these old phones, being broken

  11. Tim Skolds says:


  12. Biggestmariofan10 says:

    Stop saying the word “nick” just call it a dent or something but shut up
    about that word…

  13. TheSonicfan1231000 says:

    Kids in africa could have eaten those phones…

  14. Jordan H says:

    No one gives a crap if you are 1st, 2nd. 3rd, 4th even fucking 1113478th… *QUIT
    SPAMMING THAT SHIT!* It ruins the comments section, contributes to fuck all
    and dilutes the comments most people actually want to read… 

  15. Dilendra Fernandez says:

    iphone drop test !

  16. Nell Smith says:

    Good Grief… who cares? They’re all overpriced, silly, unnecessary
    gadgets. Nobody *needs* an iPhone (look up the words “want” and “need” if
    you don’t already know the difference). In fact, nobody *needs* ANY kind of
    “smartphone”. I will concede that mobile phones, as a general concept, *do*
    have useful applications – for example, getting help in an emergency, or
    reassuring worried relatives that you’re OK when you’re stuck in a traffic
    jam. However, as far as using them for general socialising goes, I’d say
    that they aren’t necessary – if your idle banter can’t wait until you’re
    near a landline (including those long-forgotten but very handy things
    called “public phone boxes”…), you must be very, very addicted indeed to
    the sound of your own voice – and if you can’t survive for a few hours
    without going on the Internet, you really need to find a few more interests
    in life. I well remember the days when being away from home, and thus out
    of contact with others, was actually a nice break from phones ringing – not
    some kind of crisis which had to be averted at all costs, as it now seems
    to be – and also when there *was* no Internet. Somehow, we managed to
    And so, since I regard mobile phones as “necessity only” devices, which
    would typically see very little use, they don’t even need funky features
    like super-long battery life; a basic and serviceable handset, which costs
    around £10 these days, is good enough for the job it has to do. Therefore I
    regard spending hundreds of pounds/dollars/whatever on the latest
    pointless, overpriced, resource-wasting “smartphone” as nothing more than
    greed combined with vanity; all you’re getting is an object to show off to
    other people who presumably find such things impressive, when you *could*
    have spent all that money on something necessary – if not to *you*, then to
    someone else. How about donating the cost of that iWhatever to a worthy
    cause, which might actually give you something to be proud of? Being proud
    of a piece of plastic, which wastes the world’s resources while encouraging
    the spiralling greed within society *and* further enriching a vast
    corporation which is already obscenely wealthy is, if you ask me, plain
    wrong, in a world where many people don’t even have enough to eat.
    … All inevitable flames and abuse welcome :)

  17. Ryan G says:

    People who think Apple sends him these for free are stupid. He’s a wasteful

  18. talltree7 says:

    WOW! Starving children in Africa could have eaten those phones. You selfish
    piece of iPhone!

  19. Ryan Sweatt says:

    9:54 sliding into yo dms like

  20. Dilendra Fernandez says:

    iphone drop test !

  21. stephanie vargas says:

    I’ll still take the cracked iPhones ;)

  22. titan lindsey says:

    and this is why every one of this guys videos gets alot of dislikes

  23. Mary Montero says:

    Next time record the people´s faces when you gift iphones, just for the
    pleasure of seeing you doing that, instead of being a waste of space and
    air. I live in a poor country and I really hate seeing people breaking
    something because they just want to do it. What did you expect if you trow
    a cellphone to the floor without protectors? those things are not
    Do you know that in some you tube channels are people who are making very
    awful comments ( In different cultures and languages) and what is even
    worst, they are making fun of you (the destructible ones) And believe me
    when I say they are very nasty about it. I hope you stay millionaire your
    hole life, because you would not stand a day in the life of millions who
    has less than nothing.

  24. A K'more says:

    And this is why someone invented cases

  25. MrXelium says:

    This TechRax cunt is still dropping phones? WTF…get a life already stupid

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