iPhone 6 Camera Case w/ Multiple Lenses & Ring Light – ZTYLUS

iPhone 6 Camera Case w/ Multiple Lenses & Ring Light - ZTYLUS

This kit will turn your iPhone into a professional DSLR by adding a wide angle lens, macro lens, circular polarizer filter & 180° fisheye lens to capture pictures and video any way you want….

http://www.cnet.com/cnet-top-5/ The five features we’d like to see in Apple’s 2015 iPhone update. Subscribe to CNET: http://bit.ly/17qqqCs Watch more CNET videos: http://www.cnet.com/video…
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49 Responses to iPhone 6 Camera Case w/ Multiple Lenses & Ring Light – ZTYLUS

  1. some real saucy, creamy, crispy, moist flakes of perfectly aged tortilla chips says:

    “Holes are just awesome in general…”

    ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  2. quotidianlight says:

    They really needed to make it so the ringlight would also attach to the
    lense attachment. It’s so obvious that I’m really surprised the didn’t go
    that route 

  3. Voxel8or says:

    It looks like someone came on Groot’s face.

  4. Red says:

    “Holes are just awesome in general”
    -Jerry Berg (A.K.A Barnacules Nerdgasm)

  5. vitto says:

    Bulky enough to consider a real camera.

  6. mohamed745600 says:

    The ring light kind of looks like an arc reactor :D

  7. Chris Brown says:

    You should try to download the ColorOS camera on the One. You’d be
    surprised on how well it performs! The camera on the One is awesome, but
    the default camera app is simply atrocious 

  8. Demew says:

    Why the fuck would you name your company Ztylus and make iphone cases?

  9. TH3 TURTL3 GAM3R says:

    You also need a case because… You know…. #bendgate

  10. TheDct88 says:

    would be better if the ring light clipped on to the lens part, sure it
    would be bulky but then you could use both

  11. Awesomeface says:

    Can you hook up the phone/lense kit combo to a tripod?

  12. RepentIsNow says:

    ahh the iphone. for those who want to take no responsibility with their
    personal information. jerry why..just why are you an Isheep. 

  13. joblessalex says:

    3d print an android adapter. Problem solved.

  14. zak robbins says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t 3D print her a new screw, or is printing your head
    more important ;)

  15. 22bearsfan says:

    Saw your pictures on instagram, they look awesome!

  16. Chuffererd says:

    Jerry, I’m surprised you haven’t done this already. Go to the auto supply
    store and pick up some locktite Red. It will lock the threads so that it
    needs a shock to undo a screw. Works amazing for screws like that
    thumbscrew that is easily lost. You will never lose a screw again.

    Everyone of these types of screws should come with locktite from the
    factory. Beware that you apply it sparingly and you put it only on screws
    that you can get a good grip on when taking them out. You will never get a
    sripped locktite screw out without a hammer.

  17. joseph crocker says:

    Any one know where I can get a full case for my memo HD 7ich like a otter
    box sorta thing??

  18. Tommy Than says:

    57th comment!!!

  19. Jack Daniels says:

    really great product design

  20. Game Box says:

    that looks amazing,

    im acutally planing to get a iphone but not sure which to get 6 or 6plus,
    any suggestions?

  21. louden bout says:

    Destroyer of boxes?
    No , no no no no.
    You sir,
    You are a pussy destroyer

  22. Mike James says:

    Seems that with some tweaking you could design a case for most phones that
    would hold the lens kit. You’d have to get the measurements exact, but its
    definitely doable.

  23. HyperGames says:

    Holes are indeed awesome, if you know what I mean :)

  24. majiK Fortress says:

    OMG this is so cool! I really want an iPhone6 now!

  25. Wop wop says:

    If they include 2 or more from this list, im buying it. I’m an Android fan
    btw. But this list is too good to be true.

  26. Calm Down says:

    It’s 6s not 9s !

    I don’t expect Apple to add one of the features listed in the video soon :/

  27. AB Aldo Payardu says:

    If Apple does all that, You should be selling your kidney’s(One won’t be
    enough) to buy it.

  28. Dash Lambda says:

    How ’bout current generation hardware?

  29. Warren says:

    2GB of RAM please!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Basil Minhas says:

    CNET Top 5 – iPhone 6S features we want: https://youtu.be/t0oMls1OvG0

  31. mahballzrhari says:

    iPhone 6S will make the Lamesung Lagaxy S6 look like a joke.

  32. Julio Romero says:

    how about micro SD and changable batteries?

  33. Calvin C says:

    People don’t understand that sapphire is more fragile then glass

  34. friður says:

    @Mahballzrhari Lol

  35. available343 says:

    YES! Better battery and Force Touch please

  36. Cirenio Pizano says:

    Ah yes, yet again Apple is late to the game. But it doesn’t hurt playing
    catch up and coming in second. LOL


  37. Bentley says:

    I want a magsafe Apple Watch type of charger. idgaf if I need to buy a new

  38. Boricua95 says:

    If something, most of these features will be available in the iPhone 7.

  39. Giulio Catena says:

    Most of these features sound like they would be on the list of iPhone 7

  40. RoffaboyS says:

    I get the 128 Gigs plus hope it got 2 Gigs ram so I can kill the PSP
    emulator with all the roms.

  41. Christian Fontaine says:

    Saphier glass may be good at not getting scratched but they get cracked
    way easier 

  42. Milton Williams says:

    Mahballzrhri or whatever your silly troll name is,you must be living in a
    dream world lol iphone 6s will top the s6 in specs!? Lol not on your life

  43. Game Head says:

    I’m willing to bet that the 6S will have a 2560 by 1440 display when other
    phones are getting 3200 by 1800 or even 4K displays. Apple always late to
    the game.

    Here’s what I want, but won’t get in the next iPhone

    1. At least 2560 x 1440 display
    2. Removable longer lasting battery
    3. Micro SD card storage
    4. Water/Dust/Sand proof
    5. Wireless charging

  44. Uthman Baksh says:

    Image only practical thing here will be wireless charging.

  45. dave dunn says:

    These wants are pathetic! How about more control over the phone and
    customization? A 8mp or higher front facing camera??

  46. Christian Owers says:

    Don’t you think it’s a little early to be talking about the iPhone 6S. CNet
    you guys are the biggest iPhone fanboys

  47. Soma Rinken says:

    all I want is…. a new galaxy note^^

  48. Aron Pidlaoan says:


  49. Aaron Fernandes says:

    So anti-Apple! Every one of their videos is laced with sarcasm, criticism,
    and just general whining. The word Apple used in the title as click-bait
    and then they proceed to drag them through the mud and tout the Android or
    other inferior alternatives. 

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