HP Pro Slate 12 tablet boasts Concore Glass, Duet Pen tech

HP Pro Slate 12 tablet boasts Concore Glass, Duet Pen tech
The Pro Slate 12 was one of many ElitePad, Pro Slate and Pro Tablets with Android and Windows OSes announced by HP on Tuesday. Screen sizes of the new tablets range from 8 inches to 12 inches, and are now shipping. HP is getting ready to split its PC …
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Fujitsu Unveils Three New Lightweight Tablet PC Devices
Fujitsu has just revealed a new line of tablet PC computers outfitted with fifth-generation Intel Core “Broadwell” processors. The Stylistic Q775, the Lifebook T935, and the Lifebook T725 are part of the company's “choose your own device” campaign for …
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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 8.0 with Windows 8.1 Hands-On Preview
The latest Windows tablet from Lenovo is part of the new Yoga Tablet 2 series. It sets itself apart from the pack with AnyPen: a touchscreen that allows almost anything to be used as a pen. When testing the mid-size tablet at CES, I found that AnyPen …
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