How to Run Android OS on your desktop PC. :)

24 Responses to How to Run Android OS on your desktop PC. :)

  1. Randomeverythingboy everythingboy says:

    thanks for recording this on my birthday

  2. goldcrest mwanza says:

    ooops#it worked #thanks 

  3. Rob Smith says:

    Hey Matt….I’m stupid but is there a way to save your setup when you run
    Android of a Flashdrive. I’ve set it all up password for google all
    settings and then exit but it never saves my settings and downloaded
    installed apps it to the flash disk. How can I get it to run off flash and
    keep everthing there? Thanks in advance Rob..

  4. Mariusz Talarek says:

    Great video, but…. Unetbootin can’t see my 4GB Sandisk USB Flash Drive…
    It’s formatted to FAT32, but can’t see it…. Any help please…

  5. TheSpicyPotatoe says:

    you plz reply I love you

  6. Godot Ace Coffee Drinker says:

    Good news! ConsoleOS should be out next month, and it’s basically Android
    rebuilt from the ground up to run Android natively on desktop. It can run
    all games in full HD fullscreen, and it can do other stuff that normal
    Android cannot do as well that will benefit desktop gamers. It also has
    features for mobile users as well.

  7. The Outsiders says:


  8. Duffimus Prime says:

    internet exploder, bing…are you kidding

  9. kas tutan says:

    hi there…can i download and install Clash Of Clans once i done this?

  10. Eranda Fernando says:

    How to root this?

  11. goldcrest mwanza says:

    it worked#but the mouse didn”t show up thus i wasnt able to unlock the home
    screen @help plz

  12. The Realest Idealist says:

    Instead of USB flash drive, can I burn the ISO file to a DVD?

  13. Jaime Solis says:

    Thanks brother

  14. Wayne Russell says:

    Thanks for sharing your video. Now how come when you power off and want to
    go back in again you have to redo everything you did with the android os
    instead of having to reinstall back on to the usb thumb drive and start
    over? That shouldn’t have to happen.

  15. Sebastian Giordano says:

    Why does he using fucking win 8, win 7 is 1000 times more superior. 

  16. NotRealHowTos says:

    is kit kat 32 bit?

  17. Kishan Sital says:

    can you play clash of clans on this?

  18. Windows eXPerience says:

    Can I use Google Play and install and use WhatsApp with this method?

  19. Ender Wiggin says:

    But I want android inside windows, not boot on android, a virtual machine
    or something…

  20. Christian Smith says:

    can you play games with this?

  21. Nerotius95 says:

    I have a peoblem with this. When I choose “default” in the booting menu the
    background turns green and the lowest text says “Detecting Android-x86…..
    Found at /dev/sdb1 and the android is not going any further from this

    What goes wrong?

  22. caren cairl says:

    +Matthew Moore can Android 4.4 be put on pc and what functions can be used
    ? Please help ty

  23. Ronin Bircham says:

    Well I tried it, followed EVERYTHING and all I got was a blinking

  24. rDx says:

    I have hp pavilion dv2 1240 tx laptop, from where i can get android?plzz

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