How to make your pc/laptop run faster (Part 2)

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25 Responses to How to make your pc/laptop run faster (Part 2)

  1. Zainiack23 says:

    on my laptop it says i have 4.00Gb of ram does that mean i just have 4gb
    like this guy did it and gotta times it? plz reply and tell me if im

  2. Rexzo says:

    u do realize u put 9192 in second one

  3. Daniel Karlsson says:

    how do you know what maximum size you should use?

  4. kalyanna bessonette says:

    Omg his videos are amazing before i had like 10% of space on my laptop now
    i have like 78% thanks so much and it works way more better now c;

  5. Shubham Kumar says:

    will it make some games run smoothly which need 8 gb ram? i have 4 gb ram
    in my lappy

  6. Molly Jagger says:

    how do u know your ram?

  7. SuperClarkey88 says:

    Is it the same for 32bit? I’m not a computer expert so I think I’ll skip
    this step for now.

  8. Ben The Neon Unicorn says:

    i have 16.0 GB of ram
    do i just do 1024 times 16

  9. MinecraftLegend50 says:

    thanks now it goes fast i appriciate it

  10. Austin Cureg says:

    poor 2 gb ram users..

    Good thing im at 4 ram :D

  11. DVitamin says:

    First off – be VERY careful in registry. You can literally break Windows
    there. Secondly, BACK UP the registry key you modify. This way you can
    return it to its previous state. “Right-click the key – export” and save it
    to your desktop or wherever you can easily find it if you need to restore.
    Third, disabling the prefetch (which is what’s being shown) is
    automatically done on Solid State Drives (Windows 7/8.1). If you have a
    regular drive, this is usually NOT recommended. 

  12. Halo Knight says:

    mine says 4.00 gb (3.60 gb usage} which one do i pick

  13. console gamer says:

    Thanks my laptop got faster

  14. ROOSTERGaming says:

    how do i restart the laptop? :( im a noob

  15. gamer statics says:

    what did he put for the second box at the end

  16. James Knight Paschall says:

    why are your number different on custom size and maximum size?

  17. Todd P. says:

    what does this do for the virtual mem? I down load a lot of music and

  18. sharon brown says:

    i only have 384mb 0f ram what do i put please

  19. Breech Gamer says:

    you have the exact same pc as me

  20. Vincent Pereira says:

    how do i check my ram

  21. Μιχάλης Δελατόλας says:

    Έχω 2 GB Ram οπότε πολλαπλασιάζω 2*1024=2048 , μετά 2048*2=4096 και γράφω
    στο Initial size/αρχικό μέγεθος 4096 …. μετά στο κάτω τι γράφω ;;;;
    Παρακαλώ βοηθήστε με 

  22. Liv Lib says:

    It says that I have 7970MB space available in the C windows drive!!! But I
    have 6GB so I am inputting 12288MB but it says I don’t have enough space!
    What do I do?!?

  23. rahdam wynter says:

    my pc said 4gb of ram installed 3.46 usable what should i put

  24. SkyNet0303 says:

    i have no idea how to i have to calculate
    I have a 2 GB Ram and a 64 bit oprating system, x64-based processor and
    Windows 8.
    Could u help me out ?

  25. Attention Chaos says:

    what do put on the second box if it is a 2 gig ram ?

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