How to Install a Power Supply into a Desktop PC

This is a full-on fleshed-out how-to video on installing a PSU in a PC. It’s not gonna be a short one, just warning you off-the-bat, but basically it’s all the ins and outs of a power supply,…

13 Responses to How to Install a Power Supply into a Desktop PC

  1. IceMaN 8o4 says:

    His PC is so clean mine is covered in dust lol. 

  2. MCWiild says:

    I have a power supply which gives a lot of cables a new definition. I will
    only be using 1 Hard drive and 1 disk drive. If it OK is there are some
    cables sticking out here and there, after all, I only have a CPU and a
    Power Supply fan, as well as only 2 drives? Basically Iwill be using none
    of my fan connectors and only 2 drive connectors, will that work or do I
    need to connect EVERYTHING?

  3. Ted Bachoe says:

    finally I see it up close

  4. Shez Ucar says:

    Thanks! Gonna see if this’ll work for mine haha, first ever time trying to
    install one of these and so nervous, wish me luck

  5. bear Mitch says:

    Someone help ok so I. Got a r7 250 and a i5 4690
    I getting a gtx 970 I only, got a 500w so I’m getting a corsair 750w 80+
    builder series cx750. And here is problem If I get a bigger psu the 750w my
    i5 has a fan on it and if I get a bigger psu I’m sure it’s gonna block it
    idk I have novatech galaxy 3 gaming case how can I tell if it won’t block
    or to big idk what to do ?

    Link to case. Ignore the psu it comes with this is just the case I got

    New psu. Link.

    Card link.

  6. oliver kain says:

    Hi I have just been researching how to do this and you have helped SOOOO
    much! I am going to upgrade my graphics card and I need a bigger power
    supply so thanks so much!!

  7. BlazinT10 says:

    Thanks served as a good reference for installing my Corsair.

  8. FriendlyFetus says:

    The power supply I have right now connects to two things. I getting a new
    power supply along with graphics card so this is a big help. 

  9. Maticus1999 says:

    Thanks. This is the clearest explanation yet :)

  10. MisterOwlz says:

    Great video! 

  11. Yunocchi says:

    Well detailed and clear explanations, thank you very much.

  12. ladyvina97 says:

    Hey. What kind of case is that

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