How to clear the history on an iPad

How to clear the history on an iPad
You can delete the cookies that sites have placed on your iPad and other caching data by tapping the "Clear Cookies and Data" button located directly beneath the "Clear History" button. You will be asked to confirm that you want to remove these items.
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Explore and Experience the Photos of Richard Avedon on Your iPad
Want to experience the work of one of the greatest American portrait photographers on your iPad? Check out Avedon, an official app created by the foundation of the late photographer Richard Avedon. The app is a simple and elegant way to explore the …
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Best travel apps for iPhone and iPad June 2015
There are many travel apps for iPhone and iPad available on iTunes, so many in fact that it is sometimes confusing to comb through them all and find the most necessary travel apps that you will actually make use of on vacation.Travel apps can be apps …
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