How To Choose A Digital Camera | Crutchfield Video

Digital Cameras: These days, digital cameras are available in a wide range of sizes a…

CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide: Sharon Profis takes a look at the various types of digital cameras on the market, from poi…

36 Responses to How To Choose A Digital Camera | Crutchfield Video

  1. Jagadish Appana says:

    yes. really nice..!

  2. Curdesha Bynoe says:

    that was the best explaination ever!

  3. CJ Franks says:

    @crutchfieldtv Thanks!

  4. Crutchfield says:

    @spartan117ism Good choices. If you want some help choosing between them,
    you can call us on 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  5. kazim mir says:

    she needs to get a better mic but nice video really helped

  6. Crutchfield says:

    I was unable to locate that model in our database. What I can tell you is
    that any “point & shoot” cameras (non-detachable lens) will only offer the
    zoom capability that the original manufacturer built into the camera. If
    you need more zoom, you may want to consider a new camera. Feel free to
    call for assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  7. MOCHADUDE100 says:

    What is the best lense for the nikon d3100?

  8. Kent Stark says:

    what’s the third camera?

  9. everyoneisbeautiful0 says:

    whats the second one called?

  10. Crutchfield says:

    That is a tough call as they both have good things about them. I recommend
    giving our advisors a call for a personalized recommendation on

  11. Crutchfield says:

    It was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 which was discontinued in 2010. Feel
    free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  12. Leandro Reis says:

    What is the name of the lumix hybrid camera 2:54.

  13. jessica questian says:

    im getting the high zoom camera

  14. Debodinno Mitra says:

    i choose this woman ………..

  15. Crutchfield says:

    @BobZOMG84 The NEX7 specs are preliminary at the moment as the product is
    not yet available (as of this posting). It appears the new model will offer
    a 24.3 megapixel imager, better processing, and the “World’s First OLED
    Viewfinder”. Nice upgrades but the price will be nearly double that of the
    NEX-5. HTH!–Crutchfield

  16. BrandonKingVloggin says:

    @redandbluebeater agreed!!!

  17. EyeRuinMe says:

    @crutchfieldtv I’m glad you asked! I’m getting the Canon Powershot ELPH 300
    HS! Thanks again!

  18. giaconio says:

    I think you should have used a better camera for this video

  19. Crutchfield says:

    @Danielt34107426 Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. The
    FujiFilm model featured was the “HS10″ and was recently discontinued. They
    have several comperable models currently available though. You can view
    them all at the main Crutchfield website and you can also call for a
    personalized recommendation: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  20. Arshad Haroon says:

    I am switching from Digital point and shoot to SLR Cameras. I take pictures
    on party occasions, travels etc. My question is about Megapixels, , If I
    want to buy “Sony Cyber-shot 20.1 MP Digital Camera (DSCH200B” which is
    20.1 MP where as the SLR Camera ” Nikon D3100 14.2 MP DSLR Camera Bundle”
    has only 14.2 Megapixels. Even if the SLR Camera has lower Megapixel than
    the digital point and shoot, will SLR still give better picture resolution,
    please let me know. Thanks a lot in advance.

  21. diddykongred says:

    alrigt thanks! :D

  22. EyeRuinMe says:

    I’ve been agonizing over selecting my next digital camera. This tutorial
    was absolutely helpful! Thanks!!

  23. Jeffry Summer says:

    PENTAX Q Kit with Standard Prime Lens a good deal for $349 & a good starter

  24. Abhishek Aggarwal says:

    @MOCHADUDE100 : Sir / Mam..You can Choose Nikon 18-200mm Lense as i was
    using with my Older D 3000 Now I have Upgrated to Nikon D 7000 but Still
    the Lense is same. Little bit heavy lense but picture quality is awesome
    even making video also.. Regards. abhishek

  25. Crutchfield says:

    Each camera does have its advantages. If you plan on refining your skills
    with picture taking, then the Nikon D3100 would be better as you have more
    manual control over picture settings, can get lenses to help you achieve
    different effects. The Sony is an all-in-one with the permanently attached
    lens. It still has some manual control over picture settings. There are a
    lot more areas that can be covered between cameras. Feel free to call for
    additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  26. mountainhobo says:

    RX100 II? The III version has been selling for quite a while, and it has a
    viewfinder built in.

  27. izziereal2010 says:

    Nice setup for categorizing each level of the cameras. What was not
    mentioned even though we saw the Sony A6000 are mirrorless cameras.

  28. Sebastian Rosenberg says:

    I like this woman.

  29. matthew Cardinal says:

    The game has changed with the Lumix FZ1000, would beat many DSLR’s out

  30. No Names says:

    Many respectable professional photographers are considering newest
    full-size sensor and replaceable lenses cameras you called: “enthusiast
    compacts”, like Sony A6000, or even the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 to be “DSLR

  31. Ovidiu G says:

    #MJ makeup

  32. B Shaw says:

    I bet profis gets her show written for her, she skips alot of what is
    really out there. Let the cam experts do a show on cams, and not the model
    from cnet.

  33. k6usy says:

    Zero mention of Olympus MFT mirrorless cameras. Booooo!

  34. Royden Cardozo says:

    +seif hassan check this out

  35. Uthman Baksh says:

    I’ve always wondered how I could use a point & shoot camera and upload the
    photos to my phone for sharing on the go w/o a computer. 

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