How to build your own desktop computer

this is a quick guide on building your own pc. i wanted to make this to show people it is really not that hard and anyone can do it themself.
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  1. Jake Curragh says:

    +Telamon xXx if ur 11, wouldnt build your computer… yes you cold save
    money… if you want a guarenteed sucess… wait until you get a
    Degree/Docterit/PhD/BeD In computer engineering or something that makes
    computer building common sense

  2. xXTwistedSymmetryXx says:

    You’ve more than earned my sub

  3. Joshe505reborn says:


  4. Conor Laffan says:

    how do i get it

  5. RedDevilsVideos says:

    Are you a engineer???

  6. Happypumpkinboy says:


  7. nighttraintolorca says:

    @ Abby Lykke You have to read the motherboard’s specifications before
    buying and installing other components. 

  8. Mini bow says:

    Wow 1,500 dollars for a PC while only 1,100 for heart surgery…

  9. Abby Lykke says:

    how to know if the part is not match with the motherboard? in case i buy
    the wrong parts and it is not suitable with the motherboard.

  10. Nabillzify uchiha says:

    could u tell me ur specs? :D

  11. boowh1 says:

    Oh no he’s got it on the antistatic bag the world’s gonna end.

  12. BlAcKoPsToMaHaWk1 says:

    Do i need to buy like windows 7 when i am done construction ?

  13. QArea Inc. - Leading IT Solutions says:

    How to build your own desktop #computer How to build your own desktop

  14. SnakingIvY says:

    ok i just got one question im trying to figure out if i pick a gaming mid
    case tower and a gaming mother board how will i know it will fit do all fit
    in any case?

  15. redseasplitter says:

    thanks for the upload I’m building a similar set up but with a full tower
    this helped a lot since other videos are from the 1800s

  16. Telamon xXx says:

    i’m 11 and i’m building my own PC for the first time so where are the parts
    i can get? all i find is Pre-built “custom” PC’s and i want to MAKE my own
    custom PC so where can i get the parts? thanks if you tell me

  17. GaveYouADislike says:

    Thanks, bookmarked :)

  18. 123Christianx says:

    ok next is how ti build a mac… lol jk! thanks it helps me :D

  19. Al Chandler says:

    well you would have to buy 8gb sticks, which cost around 50 bucks each. a
    good cpu is around 200-300

  20. Slyder695 says:

    after you get everything installed and power it up and it works, is it hard
    to set up the pc? That’s the part that’s going to worry me on my first
    build which I’m intending on doing. I do however know how to format my pc,
    is it similar to that? I dont know much about bios

  21. Al Chandler says:

    If you are sure all your parts are compatible with each other I say go for
    it. When I first did it I was scared, but it was fine. I did make a mistake
    (not paying attention) I plug a “power out” into a “power out” port, so in
    short… it shorted (saw what I did there I made a joke lol). So don’t over
    force a part into a slot, look at where you are going, and take your time,
    there is no rush.

  22. spitfirez42 says:

    hey i was wondering if next month due to me building a desktop with my
    paycheck if there is someway to contact you through a video chat so that i
    may make sure that i am putting everything together for pc gaming ill be
    using a Intel Core i5-4670K, GTX 760 GDDR5-2GB, Intel Desktop Motherboard
    LGA1155 DDR3 1600 ATX, KENTEK 800 Watt 800W 120mm, Cooler Master Elite 430
    – Mid Tower Computer Case, Corsair Vengeance Blue 8 GB. i love pc and pc
    gaming and i always wanted to finally build my own rig

  23. Al Chandler says:

    anything would be find as long as it supports good parts

  24. Al Chandler says:

    Trust me when I say this, buy a fast hdd (6.0Gb/s) it makes a difference

  25. Theburittolover says:

    Hey i was Wondering How Much it Would be To Make A New Computer and A
    Really Good one With a fast Processer and like 20 Ram How Much You Think It
    would be?

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