Here's What Your PC Needs to Run Oculus Rift

Here's What Your PC Needs to Run Oculus Rift
Binstock says, “Many discrete GPU laptops have their external video output connected to the integrated GPU and drive the external output via hardware and software mechanisms that can't support the Rift.” What does that mean? In laymen's terms: The HDMI …
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When Windows 10 arrives, will your files and apps survive?
A Compatibility Report opens to tell you if Windows 10 will work on this PC. You'll also probably see a list of any hardware and software that may not be fully compatible or may not work with Windows 10. For example, on my Lenovo laptop, the report …
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NCS Technologies' Cirrus LT, the Only PCoIP Zero Client Laptop, Now Available
NCS Technologies Cirrus LT, the computer industry's first mobile zero client laptop, is now available in Australia and New Zealand. Cirrus LT has a 14-inch screen, 6-cell battery, and available docking station, integrated smart card reader and …
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