Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Airbus A320 Black Box Crash Audio Recording D APIX Andreas Lubitz

MP3 Audio Germanwings 4U9525 Download – Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz went on a spending spree and bought a pair of performance sports cars in the days before he caused.

25 Responses to Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Airbus A320 Black Box Crash Audio Recording D APIX Andreas Lubitz

  1. Germanwings Airbus A320 Crash Audio Recording says:

    Audio of the last 60 seconds of the flight from the cockpit you can even
    hear the captain trying to smash the door!

  2. Germanwings Airbus A320 Crash Audio Recording says:

    Last 60 seconds from the flight deck audio #germanwings #4u9525 #spain
    #france #germany #airbus #lufthansa #andreaslubitz 

  3. RoyalGaming says:

    This isn’t real audio the audio hasn’t been released yet

  4. hugh0221 says:

    “Oh please, open up!”
    This is the only human voice I could hear. Could anyone add the subtitles
    in the video, please?

  5. datglaubichnich says:

    Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Airbus A320 Black Box Crash Audio Recording D
    APIX Andreas Lubitz

  6. Jerry Siano says:

    At 13-14 seconds into the recording there is obvious audio edit between the
    two door hits, which are exactly the same…you can hear the engine hum
    duck down and come back..who ever did this editing did a very sloppy
    job…why not give us the entire recording? When information is withheld
    you can assume there is something to hide….

  7. frank1990007 says:

    0:52 islam get on me? 

  8. bugy bug says:

    where is “terrain” “pull up” ! alarm ? 

  9. Linda Wong says:

    I wonder who was yelling at the beginning?

  10. Omar AL-Barghouty says:

    The airline should be blamed for the 150 innocent lives that died because
    they should know which pilots are having bad emotional times that could
    cause crashes. But this wasn’t only a depressed co-pilot, he was MENTALLY
    But this audio is probably fake.

  11. TheBacktoindia says:

    still dont know if this one was real, i took it of but will share it like
    this….would really like to know wow….he does mention the name andreas
    in this recording in the beginning..

  12. UltraFlames says:

    What’s that rattling noice near the end?

  13. Hr0d1C says:

    Why only 60 seconds? who is behind the username that uploaded this video?.
    We cannot trust this video at all. report.

  14. Marcus Blume says:

    i don’t believe this shit…

  15. Kratz says:

    To all the “experts” shouting “FAKE!!!11″: Would you at least care to
    elaborate why you think this is a fake?

  16. Germain Seguy says:

    is that red box the real one actual airbus flight recorder?

  17. fako namo says:

    Knock knock!
    Whoooo is iiiiiit?

  18. Taipanos says:

    Fake, no GPWS Terrain Warnings, in the middle Sounds of ILS Connecting,
    definitely not from an Airbus A320 hitting ground

  19. Esoterikon666 says:

    Someone who is in the last moments of his life does not hits at a door that
    way. There is a woman screaming Vorsicht Andreas, but that is all. A pilot
    would have hit the door hard and certainly not that little as we hear here.
    Also there is no sound of screaming passengers, imagine the panic on board
    when passengers see the soil coming closer and closer. This can not be the
    recording of that flight, to my opinion it is a fake.

  20. Silk worm says:

    Total fabrication and if you believe this BS I HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU. 

  21. George Virginia says:

    I don’t know if this is legit. This recording ends way too early. In the
    old days, they would play the black box recordings publicly, now they
    don’t. We’re big boys and girls, I think We can handle it. All of it!!

  22. Ivan Arhipov says:

    Its a Very strange record, i have even more question now. Which voice i
    hear 00 52? Is sound too close if compare with screams behind door. Why guy
    behind the door dont try speak with him by intercom? Maybe it doesnt work?
    Maybe there doenst work else something? Why we cant hear all type from
    begin? It seems like some peaces of type

  23. Heickel Muhamad says:

    man..this is fake..


    10am: Captain Patrick Sonderheimer apologises to passengers for a 26-minute
    delay in take-off. Says they will try to make up the time.

    10.01: Plane takes off.

    Next 20 minutes: The pilots converse normally.

    10.21: Captain Sonderheimer tells co-pilot Andreas Lubitz he did not have
    the chance to go to the lavatory in Barcelona. Lubitz says he can take over
    at any time.

    10.27: The plane is cruising at 38,000ft.

    The captain asks Lubitz if he can begin preparations for landing in

    Lubitz replies: “Hopefully.”

    Then, after a pause, he says: “Let’s see.”

    After the landing check, Lubitz tells the pilot: “You can now go.”

    10.29: Captain Sondenheimer then tells Lubitz: “You can take over.”

    The sound of a seat being moved back is heard and a door closes.

    10.29: The plane begins to descend.

    10.30: It has dropped 316ft

    10.31: It has dropped 1,800ft

    10.32: Air traffic control tries to contact the pilot. The automatic alarm
    signal in the cockpit starts. There is a loud crash. It sounds as if
    someone is trying to enter the cockpit.

    The voice of the captain can be heard shouting: “For God’s sake, open the
    door.” Screams of the passengers in the background can be heard.

    10.35: Loud metallic blows against the door are picked up. The plane is
    23,000ft above ground.

    10.36: The automated alarm signal is heard saying: “Terrain. Pull up. Pull

    Captain Sondenheimer shouts: “Open the damned door.”

    10.38: Altitude 13,100ft above ground. The recorder picks up Lubitz’s
    breathing. He does not say anything.

    10.40: The right wing touches the mountain. The screams of the passengers
    are audible again.

    The audio goes silent.

    “From The Times Mag”

  24. am74343 says:

    Howcome we don’t hear that computerized robot voice saying: “PULL UP! PULL
    UP!” like it does on television?

  25. Ricardo Gomez Garrido says:

    where are all the alarms , such as terrain , pull up !!! … or anything
    like that ???, …

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