First in line for iPhone 6 – The Story | iJustine

It started out as just waiting for an iPhone and turned into so much more…. I know many of you might think this is insane, but it was a pretty amazing expe…

25 Responses to First in line for iPhone 6 – The Story | iJustine

  1. iJustine says:

    Oh wow, just saw this video is almost to a million! xoxoxo. I love you guys
    all so much and glad you could have been a part of this journey :)

  2. andrew bentley says:

    iJustine: Thats right Cody!

  3. WhitePearl says:

    I would normally hate a video like this, but Justine is just so full of
    life and kindness. What an experience to show us.

  4. Kayra Ergin says:

    When I see mentally challenged people, it makes me cry. Not because they
    are ugly, (which they aren’t) not because they are retarded, but because
    they are so cute! I love the cheerful smiles on their faces, and I love how
    they don’t even know what is happening. I love them.

  5. Chris Ferrero says:

    This is sad. Tech hipster cunts need to re evaluate their lives

  6. TrollediaBF says:

    For a crappy phone? Seriuosly. Hope its worth it wasting 3 days of life. I
    ordered my S5 from in my house and it arrived to my door at
    exactly 10 in the morning release date by just a click. Also, Apple own 25%
    if the smartphone share market and Samsung the 55% so there is an obviuos
    winner! Also I would get another phone from another company because im not
    a Samsung fanboy. P.S. I owned iPhones before until one day I noticed they
    where crap and decide to take the step forward to technology in phone., an
    actual ‘Think different’ xD

    Spend it on what you want but Apple has not done anything out of this world
    for years.

  7. Lazaros Tsinikos says:

    good job you are the first idiot who bought this rotten apple for 1K$

  8. carterisanerd says:

    I just realized that the new iPhone got released on my birthday. It should
    have been my birthday present. I at least wish I had a flip phone. I have
    no phone. So sad. *sobs*

  9. HardStyler97 says:

    These kind of girls are for banging only, their IQ isn’t high at all. 

  10. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Lumia 930 shits on the apple iShit

  11. lamar york says:

    It’s funny this generation only cares if you have a IPhone, when I was a
    kid I cared about books and clothing, but she gets all pumped over a phone,
    A PHONE!!. A phone doesn’t save your life, once that battery is dead and
    you are in a survive or no survive situation you can’t live. Why don’t we
    just take all the phones away from the women. Less phones= less rapes,
    suicides, and car crash related deaths. Like if you agree. I only mean
    specific women.

  12. LippsProductions2988 says:

    Ijustanadvertisementforapple… I am in line for a phone that bends like a
    pop-tart and is significantly overpriced that is still worse than android.

  13. Don Johnson says:

    This is absolutely pathetic………I don’t care how many subs you have,
    you are a loser along with everyone else who spent days in line.

  14. Jose Diaz says:

    She left her space and didn’t get skipped? And how did she not get raped
    during the night

  15. Tom TK says:

    Da Hell is wrong with that “Cody” guy

  16. Surms41 says:

    I phone best phone.

    ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  17. Ben Gene says:

    Does Apple give away free IPhones on launch day at their stores to first in
    line people?

  18. OrneryPossum says:

    I wonder how many white knights were bringing her home cooked meals..

    I got the new iPhone 6 plus.. and it was alright – I won’t lie. But then
    within two days the screen started tapping against the metal – back to the
    store it went, and out with a Note 4 I went.

    Worth waiting in line for? No way.


  19. Snipo lbj says:

    These retards should be threwin into a zoo lmao

  20. mymovievideos says:

    I can’t believe I watched all the video

  21. Nero vK says:

    is it just me or are people who wait for weeks for an iphone just dumb
    asses. its a phone. they arent going to run out of them

  22. Josie Feltus says:

    I’m 11 and getting my first phone should I get the 6 or the 6plus?

  23. Doctor Firebolt says:

    what’s cody’s channel

  24. W wynn says:

    what’s codys yt channel?

  25. Parker says:

    I hate black men.

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