Fan Reverses Dragon Age Audio, Cracks Open a Huge Secret – IGN News

A Dragon Age: Inquisition fan has reversed the audio from a certain scene, and in doing so, changed what fans think they know about Dragon Age lore. Read more here:
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'Sooraj Dooba Hain (Female)' Full AUDIO SONG | Roy | Amaal Mallik | T-SERIES

Listen to ‘Sooraj Dooba Hain (Female)’ Full AUDIO song from Bhushan Kumar’s “Roy”, a T-Series Film, Directed by Vikramjit Singh, Produced by Divya Khosla Kumar, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to Fan Reverses Dragon Age Audio, Cracks Open a Huge Secret – IGN News

  1. MikeThe Commentor says:

    Wait, is Max Scoville now with IGN?

  2. Sean Stanley says:

    I dislike Max Scoville. 

  3. Abdulrahman Majash says:

    Wow, hearing this without ever playing Dragon Age does sound gibberish.

  4. Patrick Lundgreen says:

    Hey that’s max, he’s awesome :) I’m happy he’s working for IGn since rev3

  5. Dapper Pickle says:


    Is this about flemeth being an elven God?

  6. kaoz666 says:

    I had a feeling playing through DA:I and reading more then a few of the
    codex that story of The Maker, the Elven Pantheon and the old gods all
    intersected. This furthers my theory. Then of course there’s the curveball
    they throw after the credits, which adds even MORE fuel to the theory.

  7. Eddiexx4 says:

    Just in case anyone didn’t know, he’s the replacement for Greg Miller.

  8. Jarvice says:

    Damn… I wanna know what it says but I haven’t played the game yet and
    don’t wanna spoil it xD I guess I’ll watch this some other time.

  9. DarkPyroZero says:

    Kind of old news, I’ve heard this story about a month or so ago 

  10. RagingRejectTV says:

    Max is IGN? Wow. Not sure what to think

  11. Tony Martienz says:

    Damnit I haven’t finished the game yet

  12. ZombiePanda402 says:

    I understood nothing.

  13. cullen bloodstone says:

    I like the new guy.

  14. itachi65ful says:

    Keep up the good work Max. 

  15. matex999 says:

    At first, I thought that was my inquisitor, until I saw it was an elf and
    that the only similarity was the hair and class, lol. It shows me just how
    somewhat generic my Human Mage inquisitor is unlike my Elvis Warrior

  16. Shawn The Cyborg says:

    wow someone in ign that is not a douche or a sell out?(as far as i know)

    it was nice knowing him …….

  17. swedishplayer97 says:

    So an easter egg supposedly makes us think everything about Dragon Age lore
    is not what it seems? Lame.

  18. Evan Dickson says:

    Max is a good replacement for the loss of the “Kinda Funny” guys . Now
    bring in scott Bromley! 

  19. Raptorz Twizzlers says:

    The ending of this game mind fucked me so hard I always hated Solas now I
    have a reason

  20. iownalx23 says:

    Audio played backwards? Illuminati definitely confirmed…

  21. XxGlobalGamerxX says:

    Waddup Max! Ha

  22. Yukimura Sanada死 says:

    I Yukimura Sanada is first.

  23. Aaron H says:

    MAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3 Please get Adam up there! maybe Tara & Nick :)

  24. konflictification says:

    Greg and a bunch of other people left ign. Im surprised. 

  25. irockjennetesparks says:

    Love this song omg thank you love ranbir 

  26. Abdullah Qureshi says:

    <3 wonderful~
    Song of the year 2015 for sure.

  27. Vinay Chavan says:

    awesome song

  28. meghana megha says:

    Ossssssum ……… luv u ranbir

  29. مرتضى كوبي says:


  30. Nguyễn Vĩnh Bằng says:

    xxxx guy five

  31. mohammed bablu says:

    Nice song

  32. Nguyễn Vĩnh Bằng says:


  33. Nguyễn Vĩnh Bằng says:


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