Ducktales NES Lets Play Video Game Review – The Irate Gamer

Here is the Lets play video of Ducktales, the same I reviewed on the Irate Gamer show a week or so prior. Its my first one so please don’t judge too harshly. This is the Irate Gamer Channel,…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to Ducktales NES Lets Play Video Game Review – The Irate Gamer

  1. The Shady Jay Show says:

    Didn’t AlphaOmegaSin already do this? Unsubbed.

  2. Dex Dogtective says:

    I really like your vids, chris, but please, stop ripping of let’s play

  3. LeloniBunny says:

    To clarify: I applaud Chris’s willingness to try something new to him.
    Let’s Plays, in general, have been around since at least 2005 if not longer.
    If I may make a small suggestion – Record the game play and then do
    commentary over it afterwards. Some LPers have better luck when doing it
    that way. Plus they can edit things in/out a bit more.
    Mickey Mousecapades. Minnie made that game both difficult and easy at the
    same time. It was amusing.

  4. downphoenix says:

    Good vid, now we know what 5 o’clock shadow Chris looks like, lol.

  5. Jonothan CaRon says:

    *coughcough*James and Mike Mondays*coughcough*

  6. coolchrisable says:

    im glad your back your reviews were funny and im glad your trying something

  7. Jay H says:

    I love watching videos of gameplay. The main reason I got into The Irate
    Gamer, was to learn about old games I’ve never heard of and to hear
    opinions on games I’ve played. This was fun, it was like a “Hanging out
    with the Irate Gamer” video.

  8. supmandude says:

    YOU PLAYIN’ IT ON EASY?!!!!??!!??!!?! I THOUGHT U WaS GAMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Paquimex says:

    I never thought i would ever do this.. but i’m actually givinng thumbs down
    to one of your videos… there’s always a first time for everything
    Go back to the good reviews and irate gamer videos we all love

  10. mKaelus says:

    Ronnie the skeleton does a let’s play?

  11. hak1985org says:

    Good job man. I think some people forget that a good majority of people
    gravitate to the YouTube style of video because of the gritty real feel of
    it. You see that people are human and have many of the same characteristics
    as yourself. When youtubers try to cut/splice/edit everything into
    perfection then they create another emotionless canned video just like the
    garbage that’s been spewing out of the television for decades.

    I like your approach here. It was fun. I say try it again. Just relax, have
    fun and enjoy yourself. If you do, then your fans will enjoy the videos

  12. Irategamer says:

    a few people asked for this so here it is!

  13. The Gaming Goose says:

    Irate Gamer Rules!

  14. The Lawn Gnome says:

    Awe wonderful game. I hope you can get your hands on the Remastered edition
    and play that version!

  15. A Fernando says:

    Lets plays are the best. I think we’re past the reviews

  16. Mike Maverick says:

    Who want to donate some games to the Irate Gamer? :)

  17. NDSPCgamer says:

    Let’s Plays are way more difficult than most people think. You either have
    to focus on gameplay and have the commentary be shite or you focus on the
    improv and suck at the game. Pick your poison. There are other options,
    mind you. You can do postplay commentary and record audio after you record
    the gameplay, though that takes out the initial reactions and makes it less
    interesting. You can also get another person to do it with you, which I
    think is the best option. That way you have someone to play off of, which
    makes the commentary itself more interesting, and you don’t have to do
    everything yourself. The person playing doesn’t have to put as much effort
    into improvising commentary so the gameplay doesn’t suffer as much.

  18. Hougropvitz says:

    *>Complains about James doing LPs because PewDiePie does them*
    *>Makes a let’s play video no one asked for, but says otherwise*

  19. siIvermate says:

    So many Mega Man similarities 

  20. isunshin999 says:

    Enjoyed the let’s play. Thanks! 

  21. TheTrojanpear says:

    I know from experience it’s hard to do a let’s play by yourself. I also
    know from a let’s play video series me and my friends started Those Guys
    from Another Dimension, that it is much easier if you have someone with
    you. That way you do not have to come up with all the lines. Maybe you
    could get someone to play as a guest.

  22. Glitch Cult says:

    Looking forward to more Let’s Plays, Irate. Playing and maintaining an
    interesting, off the cuff dialogue is definitely an acquired skill, and you
    did a great job keeping it informative. Thanks for making these vids! 

  23. zingodoom says:

    Really enjoyed watching this! I think it’s refreshing to see Chris Bores
    playing a game and not the Irate Gamer – not that I don’t love the show
    too! Fun to see the cooler side ^_^

  24. GunFever94 says:

    Irate Gamer is a million times better than those boring fucks Mike and

  25. fadedaura says:

    I’m like you with mobile gaming, I like puzzles and strategy games. My
    favorite tower defense game is Bloons Tower Defense, but it’s rather
    cartoony so I’m not sure if you would like it. I’ve been playing a game
    called “Pancakes: The Game” or something, it’s really dumb and simple but
    it’s a great toilet game. (You just flip pancakes, but the pancakes have
    rag doll physics so it’s a bit tricky.)

    Here’s my idea for a GennyB game:
    A mobile game called “The Hermit” or something more fancy, where you have
    to mine your way out of a cave. There are dead ends, so it’s like a maze,
    but the dead ends can occasionally have items. The exit would be a medium
    sized cave, just to be able to identify it, and would have a doorway of
    some sort. You would have to collect a certain amount of items to make an
    item (like a reinforced pickaxe or something) before you can get out. If
    you find the exit before you get all the items, it’ll show a message saying
    “the opening has collapsed and the rocks won’t budge!” or something. it
    would be a multi-level game, getting progressively harder and requiring
    more items. But it would probably be best as like a top view, not first

  26. Zachary brown says:

    Generikb you might like the game Elder Scrolls Online you should try it

  27. Cavog says:

    Another youtuber that has made a game would be TomSka, he made Katatak! Or
    maybe even Nerdcubed who made Systems Nominal.

  28. David White says:

    You should get a cat cam

  29. Generikb says:

    #StrandedDeep! Searching for a SECRET and talkin’ bout the PERFECT Video

  30. J Duncan says:

    You should play Destiny it is the game that you will love til the end.

  31. Stephen H says:

    I’m 8th.

    *Whispers* Sorry Satan told me to say that.

  32. Harry G says:


  33. TheVioceTalk says:

    I was born in 1998

  34. Hypercharge says:

    I thought the Stranded Deep devs made a secret minigame for Genny xD

  35. ConnorSinclairCavin says:

    1. I have been working on a game for a few years that sounds like your
    ideal mmo, it has “carry round dimensions” that house your personal base,
    it starts very small, just a hut size floating island,

    you can team with people (your islands suddenly appear to each other from
    the fog and you can make bridges [you still control what happens on your
    land but you can work together and let people use gear if you want] or just
    keep together and do build offs) which offers the obvious advantages,

    by completing missions in the survival world (where there is basically
    every form of magic and science and art, and every skill in the game is
    kind of like Elder Scrolls, you level in what you practice, if you take too
    long you may lose xp tho, and you can gather items which are all different
    qualities, designs, enchantments, tools, inventions…ect.) you can gain
    natural resources, materials, innovations (kind of like blueprints) or
    other things (these can be used in your base to make/gain new crafting
    zones, larger land for your base, land types for your base that help
    certain skills in that area, or give permanent passive buffs/income rates
    for just being attached/set up) that you can use based on your level’s
    available land points

    as a team there are events, disasters, raids, wars, and other team
    activities that if you succeed in them your whole group gains benefits
    (anywhere from x4 loot rates to bonus base build points to free items),
    some dungeons also need teams to beat them easily and gave group goals(you
    can try them alone… but if you do it correct you get the “try hard” moniker
    to your name[just kidding])

    certain bonuses can be stolen by rival groups if not taken care of, and
    certain methods of upgrading are better for the group or yourself, you can
    also vote in a “ruler” or a “committee” in groups which if you do they get
    bonus materials, boosts, and other things by “taxing” the lesser members,
    committee has to vote on any use of materials and they get taxed too, they
    build on an island that spawns as the “group island”, rulers don’t have to
    allow votes, instead they use the bonuses on their temp boosted island to
    make that into the “group island” as long as they rule

    2. these islands should be in the twilight zone/Steven King variety Bermuda
    triangle, and you find artifacts from lost people and slowly learn of and
    search out relics that warp time and space until you get free (maybe one
    speeds crop growth, one parts water in a bubble around you, one makes
    strong wind[im thinking a bean can would be appropriate there] and so on)

    3. you should make “The Flim Flam Fam(ily)” a series of games that interact
    with each other,

    start with a mobile game, a free flash game on armor games maybe? you can
    work on the other systems later since they cost $$

    the flash game can evolve to full on pc game later but for now it could be:
    a game where you adventure around in an RV (Relativity Vacuum) that can pop
    between dimensions and times (so long as you can find the “camp grounds”)

    you have 10 dimensions:
    A. start in “the camp site” a place to build a supply base or home, it
    seems to be a vast land with no people, not to say that you are alone… you
    gather basic supplies and eventually get your R.V. fueled, fed, something
    anyway… and see a light come on on the dash board(before it seemed like a
    lot of broken lights), you can now travel to the first zone {all items from
    all worlds can work here, otherwise they don’t work in other places (low
    versions work in the higher versions but why bother? ;-J)

    B. cave town, this place has no tech or magic, just cave era level people
    and creatures, you need to gather help or materials to survive and to flim
    flam (see mobile plug at the bottom) … after getting to certain stages
    through crafting or flim flamming you unlock 2 buttons

    C. low magic, no tech/low tech, no magic, both of these have just as it say
    for what people live with (think dark ages tech / see things through big
    ritual lake, Mayan stuff works kinda) (earth animals in tech, weak magic
    creatures[bigfoot=okay, dragon=not] in magic)you have to scrounge for
    discarded goods, take odd jobs as a traveling hermit, or flim flam (see
    mobile) to gain resources, getting to a certain point here in BOTH worlds
    unlocks 1 button

    D. low magitech, a world where magic and tech have worked together,
    renascence era type stuff (Da Vinci with low level spells[floaty spell
    lights, small boost to healing not instant, rare to have talent]) (both
    creatures), from here you unlock 2 button

    E. high tech, no magic/no tech, high magic (science of [industrial age or
    70’s?] / summon flame, small heal like cuts, uncommon) (lab experiments
    [world war] / low magic myths)2 buttons

    F. high t, low m / low t, high m ([high t]= modern tech/ “E level magitech”
    / [high m]=air bender, heal broken bones, common) ( current experiments,
    low level bots / “E level both” / mythical creatures, dragons, elementals)
    last button unlocked

    G. High Magitech (future science / god tier spells, very common) (gods,
    transformers, devils, ect.)

    Mobile: Flim Flamming : a flim flam simulator game, you can take
    items/favors you get in the pc game and use it to flim flam the locals for
    more stuff (you might end up having to do quests/favors back on the pc),
    you can also get new things for “the camp site” this way that aren’t just
    “findable” on the pc, can also show inventory while playing pc version so
    you don’t have to have it open during the game

  36. Robin vdb says:

    My perfect game would probably be like the elder scrolls, but with a more
    advanced levelling/skill system (more focused on abilities/spells etc. like
    you often see in the MMORPGs) and probably add in some prestige system with
    progressively tougher mobs but also stronger gear finds. Id never leave my
    room again.

  37. Oscar. B says:

    Can anny one help me, im sink and i got like pimpels on my arm. i tried
    vitamins but it didnt help. thx !!

  38. Jack osmer says:

    this series is what brought me to his channel I have been watching since
    the 5 vid

  39. FinlandCrafted says:

    Awesome new outro!!! My favourite type of game is some kind of battle game
    with alot of customisation when it comes to classes, skills, powerups,
    attack moves, etc. I play a lot of the Minecraft minigame Dominate on
    Mineplex for that reason. I still haven’t found a game that is not too
    intensive on the computer, but offers the customisation I mensiond earlier,
    and still have really good combat. something like Mineplex’s Dominate is
    basically a control point game, where you capture all of the points, and
    that is the kind of gameplay I enjoy.

  40. Chance Brewer says:

    Generikb I was watching a Jacksepticeye video and there are some new Things
    in teh game! You know those Sea Forts that the British built during
    WW2…WELL THEY ADDED ‘EM IN! which means you are somewhere in the Atlantic
    and not the Pacific.

    Video name : LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! | Stranded Deep #10 by Jacksepticeye

  41. Michael Cornette says:

    Sandbox zombie survival crafting multiplayer game: 7 days to die

  42. RS Slate says:

    If you want a racing game try iRacing or asseto corsa. Iracing might not be
    the best for videos though.

  43. FatRatGaming says:

    They should put skeletons/dead bodies in the water/boats XD

  44. Anakin Skyobiliviator says:

    Genny, have you tried whistling to the airplane?

  45. GAMETRIX says:

    If I was stranded there all I would do is eat crabs lol!

  46. slangerdude says:

    the type of game i would like to see(not made by u, but can be) is like a
    modern-like rpg in a 3rd person view. that would be sooooo epic to see.
    what i mean by modern is like well with guns and technology. so basically a
    tps combined with rpg.

  47. zakary kabalka says:

    On i pad look up 115544889933

  48. Bandit McDerp says:

    Play the crew, you did say you wanned to do a racing game. Im playing it on
    Xbox one.

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