Drawbacks of iPad

Drawbacks of iPad

Maybe you already have an ipad or just decide to buy one, it’s very common, not strange at all, so you must be thinking “then why do you say some crap here?”. I tell you what, before you give your money to apple inc, you need to know what service they didn’t apply for you. Just want to give you a warn, if I have some thought like “ipad sucks”, then I will never know where it sucks, that means, yep, I am a ipad user, I’m also the one who go with the stream.

iPad has been released for more than one year, and it just spreads all over the world in very short time, but still there are lots of people didn’t buy it or won’t buy it.(not me)
First let’s look at data(it perhaps the first reason that people don’t want to buy it), WiFi version has three kinds of disk capacity(16GB, 32GB, 64GB), the corresponding price is $ 499, $ 599, $ 699 and WiFi +3 G version also has three different capacities, priced at $ 629 , $ 729, $ 829.Don’t say “F**k the price” although it has crossed through my mind thousands of time.

So what makes it so expensive? Because in essence, iPad is just an enlarged version of the iPod touch, it hardly can be called a computer, I think even the usefulness of the usual netbook is stronger than iPad, of course iPad has some attractions, like it looks gorgeous and it’s easy to take along, except that, basically useless.

Let’s have a look at the disadvantages of ipad.

1. No camera(not ipad2)
You may first think, it doesn’t matter, anyway, I have a digital camera. But you have to know, no camera is a big problem, it will make a lot of people prefer to buy iPhone, or wait for the next generation of the iPad that has been upgraded. Why is the camera so important? For example, you can not do video conference, can not completely use the capability of 3G and Wi-Fi to transmit real-time video. The influence is extent of you imagination.

2. Do not support Flash video
The one of the biggest drawbacks of ipad is not support Flash. According to Steve Jobs said, this is not a production to browse websites and watch videos. Do not support Falsh, which means destroy a bunch of sites, we can not watch Hulu latest full-screen video, even the field of Flash web site of “New York Times” can not be displayed, too. If we deadly want to watch flv or mkv format videos, we need video to ipad converter, can you believe it? Apple says it will develop it’s own html5 blah blah, but at that time, iPad is already, you know, some historical stuff.

3.There is no USB .
It is important to clarify, iPad would have designed for you as a fully functional home computer. That means you can not connect it to printers, scanners, or external hard drives and other equipments, if you want to transfer your stuff in your ipad to pc, you have to use ipad file transfer .In addition, the lack of CF card slot is also very inconvenient for the professional photographer. So remember this, do not expect iPad can completely replace the computer as a working use.

That is a tip of iceberg. You won’t want to know more, of course, ipad2 is much better than the old generation, but many people own the first generation, so let’s just look back to get some experience, the rumors say ipad3 is coming, so if you want to buy ipad2, you may just wait for ipad3, or at that time you will say “ipad2 sucks”


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