CROSSY ROAD LEPRECHAUN Unlock | NEW Secret Character UK Update | Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)

CROSSY ROAD LEPRECHAUN Unlock | NEW Secret Character UK Update | Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Subscribe for more Crossy Road videos: Here’s how to unlock and get the NEW Crossy Road Secret Character Leprechaun of the UK and Ireland Update. You have to play as…

This is a battle of differences: the Galaxy S6 against the iPhone 6 is also a lot about Android vs iOS, a 16-megapixel camera versus an 8-megapixel one, an octa-core Samsung chip against a…
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50 Responses to CROSSY ROAD LEPRECHAUN Unlock | NEW Secret Character UK Update | Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad)

  1. BitStern says:

    All 3 NEW Secret Characters of the UK Update!
    Phone Box Unlock:
    Leprechaun Unlock:
    Nessy Unlock:

  2. ebareo says:

    Do you know how to get Nessie?

  3. minecraft/The A2Z says:

    You can get the monster like you get the hipster whale go make a video fast

  4. Albin Arts says:

    I already have all the new characters!!!

  5. GalaxyPenguin says:

    Please read!!! I found the telephone box!!! You need to use a UK character
    but was using fancy lady when I found it so maybe you need her but I found
    the tele box it just appears after playing awhile like gifty. Not only that
    it makes an old fashiond ring sound when you find it! (Read hear I found
    secret character!!!!)

  6. Ollie Reynolds says:

    The Loch Ness monster one u get like hipster whale and the phone box u find
    in a clearing and u don’t have to do anything u just look at it and there
    both done

  7. undeadtech2 says:

    I just got all three secret characters in one run using the piper with the
    limited time offer thing

  8. Tyler Kolmansberger says:

    I got this without trying LOL xD

  9. Zzanta Qf says:

    Bit stern the other secret character called the telephone box , to unlock
    that you need to be an Ireland character in the green world and then when
    you find the big field there will be a telephone box and then when you die
    you will have got it , and thanks for the great video keep the good work up

  10. Sue Ann Eckes says:

    One of the secret ones is the phone booth and I was playing as the chimney
    sweep and I came across a field with a phone booth in the middle and it was
    ringing so I went up to it and it beeped so you basically have to unlock it
    like gifty. I hope this helps

  11. saaam plays says:

    If u see a phone box go to it and you will get a secret character

  12. VNP! says:

    When will it unlock for android? 

  13. HiddenDead X says:

    the update isn’t on android yet. do you have any idea of when the update
    comes to android? 

  14. Sports_car6 says:

    I got the fish and chips it’s so funny the chips fall out when you move LOL

  15. cookieminer says:

    Bitstern I did it when the update came out

  16. Emil Amundsen says:

    This videos are awsome!!!!!!

  17. Ashley Bran says:

    I am in the U.S. And I have the U.K. update I don’t know how though 

  18. Gabriel Lasten says:

    You ge missy like hipsta whale n da phone box like gefty P.S:orry for
    writing like that ;/

  19. Salim Alowais says:

    Can we use the leprechaun to collect the other two mystery characters

  20. Adam Ossman says:


  21. Fr0Zz3NclAn says:

    Ich glaub du bist deutsch nh?:D hast Mega krasses Englisch *-* und gutes
    Video vorallem mega schnell danke:)

  22. bob pat says:

    Hers how you unlock nessy you look and Watch out for hen in the water and
    just jump on hem like hipster whale

  23. Americo Stagno Letelier says:

    how many clovers do I need to collect?

  24. Hugo Jones says:

    You find the phone box like you found the Christmas tree to get gifty. It
    randomly spawns in a UK/Ireland world :D

  25. BitStern says:

    Leprechaun Unlock! Crossy Road UK Update #CrossyRoad 

  26. Daryl Yue says:

    Is it only me or does he look creepy as hell in the intro

  27. Mike Cash says:

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the better device. I still don’t see what’s all
    the hype about the iPhone, it sells like hot cakes. 

  28. Jacari Lamar says:

    I don’t see where the iPhone 6 beats the s6 in any category except maybe
    the camera in certain conditions. I hate when reviewers say the iPhone
    “just works.” They say it as if android does not “just work.” Android is
    just as simple as iOS. You don’t have to customize it in any way if you
    don’t want to. The difference is you have the *choice*. 

  29. Igor Magalhães says:

    I dont know what to buy s6 or iphone 6
    I was going to buy iphone 6
    But i liked s6 and love iOS
    HELP ME pls

  30. Macker2298 says:

    it feels like he’s trying to make sure people don’t feel the s6 is superior
    to the iphone…almost damage controlling i suppose. 

  31. Dee Jimenez says:

    John V definitely seems to be doing some damage control here. The real key
    and subjective differentiators here are iOS vs Android. Other than that,
    there’s no comparison. On a technical level, the Galaxy S6 pretty much
    stomps it with a better front and rear camera, a better screen with almost
    4x the resolution, and better build quality. To say that the iPhone 6 is
    sturdier is a lie. Drop tests and deliberate abuse test on YouTube have
    proven that the Galaxy S6 is one of the toughest phones you can buy.
    Gorilla Glass 4 is the real deal. 

  32. bander ibrahim says:

    Battery life and camera are better clearly for galaxy s6.

  33. SeikonDS says:

    That moment when the galaxy s6 is more expensive then a iphone 6(in my
    country) by like 50$ or so , but yeah id take the s6 over the iphone even
    tho its overpriced like the iphone 6 sadly -_-

  34. llamaman says:

    S6 has the best display on mobile, it’s even viewable outdoors. iPhone 6
    just has a higher white balance to make it seem more bright then it is, but
    actually the whites look horrible in the iPhone 6

  35. frieddayfriday says:

    720p vs 1440p is a little bit more taxing? are you fucking kidding me? a
    little? really?

  36. Guy 01 says:

    The s6 just Pisses all over the iphone 6 it’s not even opinion anymore,
    it’s just plain fact.

  37. Verni171994 says:

    The S6 is the best phone currently, in all is superior than all others

    The S6 is the best not only for its specification, also for have android
    that is a very powerful SO, and with the plus of TW and its options.

  38. Sajiha Askar says:

    When did the SG S6 come out? 

  39. Oscar Walet says:

    I really like John V. Great job on your reviews :)

  40. Adrian Salazar says:

    I was lmfao when I heard the Dual Core on the iPhone 6 vs the Octo Core on
    the S6!

  41. Axay Panchal says:

    Did any1 notice darude sandstorm?

  42. MissPiinkStasia says:

    I don’t get it, why do people hate this guy?

  43. Anghel Bogdan says:

    seriously ??? the iphone 6 will do better if you drop it? i’m disappointed
    PhoneArena, you probably didn’t see the ton of drop test videos on
    youtube.. i6 is a beautyfull device but shatters on almost every impact,
    even small ones.

  44. Josh Webbs says:

    Those pictures with the s6 camera are way better than the pictures with
    iPhone camera. More color and pop

  45. Keith Ho says:

    The Apple fanboy will defend their phones based on sheepdom. However, the
    flagship phone with the best picture quality, user experience, Android OS
    and futuristic looks is the Samsung S6 Edge.

  46. giorattin1 says:

    iPhone 6 and iOS all day.

  47. Sergio Hernandez says:

    I do have to admit that this “john” is actually like when of the nicest &
    least biased reviewers….but this time he messed up (badly). first of all
    “iphone 6 is a little more soild and DURABLE”?!?!?! he clearly hasn’t seen
    drop tests of galaxy s6 it completely obliterates results from iphone 6,
    plus scratching apple’s aluminum back is a lot easier than gorilla glass 4
    and scratches are more noticeable on aluminum also iphone 6 is extremely
    slippery. More COMPACT?!?! how the heck is that even possible when iphone 6
    clearly has bigger bezels on all sides! (he could’ve said smaller not more
    compact) also his camera comparison was really off he’s clearly blind and
    doesn’t see how galaxy s6 is more accurate and smoother, while colors on
    iphone 6 are mostly accurate but sometimes with very flat slightly washed
    out colors. It’s ok if ure an isheep slave but don’t say things that are
    completely untrue! He was being extremely biased with a lot of false
    statements nothing like the legend..MQBHD. and actual reason why it’s the
    best selling smartphone is because of ignorant people that simply like to
    suffer with IOS 8 glitches and limitations and gimmicks like “retina or
    facetime camera or isight etc.”;) thats the only reason why its best
    selling because its aimed toward the elderly or just simply very ignorant
    people. but you guys will see that even when the galaxy s6 just came out it
    will beat iphone 6 in sales since demands drastically fell dure to the
    arrival of the legendary galaxy s6

  48. explorador75 says:

    Decision is simple. 16 GB of storage is not enough in this times.

  49. daCorasla says:

    So samsung’s galaxy s6 doesn’t just work? Biased much?

  50. Nayim Uddin says:

    Not a very good comparison. Can’t wait to see what Pocket Now has for us.
    They’re the only reviewers I can trust

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