Competitive video game group to start drug testing players

Competitive video game group to start drug testing players
No hope in dope! A competitive video-gaming organization will begin testing players for performance-enhancing drugs next month, as the field of so-called eSports moves further into the mainstream and prize pools climb. The announcement by the …
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Alex Reviews Pixels – A Film About Video Games For People Who Hate Video Games
Ostensibly an adaptation of a beautiful little short by Patrick Jean (check it out here – it doesn't deserve to have only a fraction of the views of the trailer for film it's based on) where aliens invade Earth in the form of eighties video games, the …
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Seahawks players rank high in new Madden video game
The Seattle Seahawks have the NFL's most talented roster this season, and it's showing up in the latest Madden NFL video game. The player ratings in the game are in the process of being unveiled, and so far the Seahawks have four players ranked in the …
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Will 'Warcraft' Be The Next Great Videogame Movie Flop?
You've got Lucy, and you've got the football. Every time someone sets out to adapt a major videogame franchise into a movie, we tell ourselves that this is going to be the one that isn't awful. And yet it never seems to happen, derailed by some weird …
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