Capturing the Night in Digital Photos, Spectacularly

Capturing the Night in Digital Photos, Spectacularly
VINCENT LAFORET remembers the moment he realized that digital cameras had surpassed the human eye. It was late in 2009, and Mr. Laforet, a photographer who worked for The New York Times for many years, was shooting in Los Angeles with the EOS …
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This is the first 4K, 1000 FPS video footage taken from a drone
Get a powerful drone, rig it with a 4K digital camera, ask a professional stunt driver race large vehicles through pools of mud, and you've got yourself some sweet slow-motion video footage. That's exactly what an entertainment and production company …
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Canon XC10 is a Digital Camcorder for Both 4K Video and Still Photos
On the front of the camera is a 10x f/2.8-5.6 zoom lens with a 2x digital teleconverter and optical image stabilization. The lens has a 35mm-equivalent range of 24.1-241mm for still photos and 27.3-273mm for video. On the back of the camera is a …
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