ASUS ROG G20 Compact Gaming Desktop PC – Deceptively Powerful

ASUS ROG G20 Compact Gaming Desktop, a stylish gaming PC designed to dominate the small-form-factor gaming desktop segment. ROG G20 has already received crit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Installing a SSD in a desktop PC is easy and can drastically improve performance and the stability of your computer. Solid-state drives will revive your comp…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to ASUS ROG G20 Compact Gaming Desktop PC – Deceptively Powerful

  1. ApexApocalypse says:

    Just got it yesterday. Love it… it has a GTX750 and an I5 core processor.
    it came with built in wifi, a keyboard, and mouse. Great deal and amazing

  2. Jamerson Channel says:

    Song name anyone??

  3. Nitrozzy7 says:

    Really good presentation but enough with dubstep already. It’s so 2010.

  4. Brad Ferguson says:

    can someone please link me the song? 

  5. David French says:

    So I have finally come to my senses and converted to PC gaming. Would this
    be a good starter for my journey into PC gaming? 

  6. Mirjan Zolic says:

    In my country the i7 gtx 970 16gb RAM with win 8.1 cost 1890$ (1990$ paying
    monthly with credit card). Is it too overpriced or that’s about how much it
    would cost in America?

  7. Jake The Snake says:

    Well, I had this computer for 3 weeks now and I love it and hate it, 1.
    took me a week and a half to solve issues, figured out some Asus Addon crap
    was messing with my drivers which was default from Asus. it is far from
    silent, this beast roars when I play skyrim. after the first week when I
    shut it down upon starting it back up the graphics card they gave wouldn’t
    connect to monitor the motherboard HDMI connection worked, Asus staff
    helped me solve the problem and what do you know? new problems. like my
    gaming rig restarting itself when im playing GAMES. finally ready to ship
    this piece of junk back. Then the retailer who sold it to me took an
    extensive look at it and determined problems from AI Bootcharger something
    asus added in. also NVIDIA Geforce experience they added on aswell causes
    problems with graphics card. If I would have known these kind of problems
    were going to come I would not have spent 1800 dollars on it hell no but I
    got it fixed it runs alright. so im keeping it, only problem now is that it
    is noticeable to hear it while playing games.

  8. Xadoby Awesome says:

    Shows a 780 only has a 750ti..

  9. Craftedllama C. says:

    this is deceptively over priced XD

  10. Designer Cypress says:

    WTF, I’ve been trying to find the model with the GTX 780! I can find it
    anywhere! I also went on the republic of gamers website and I saw that one
    of them hast he GTX 980, but you CAN’T buy it! Does anyone know if they
    just haven’t released the other models. 

  11. Evokemanep says:

    Don’t know if I should get this, but I must say this advertizement is
    pretty damn awesome. I actually clicked like and watch this just because
    it’s awesome.

  12. Connor Berry says:

    Hi, im thinking of getting one of these so any tips or suggestions? Im new
    to computer gaming (I play consoles currently) but really want this! So
    whats the difference between the i7 and the i5?! Im not really trying to
    play games like AW and big titles, I want to play games that are steam/pc
    exclusives (amnesia, a story about my uncle, and maybe games LIKE
    battlefield) so should I go with the i5 version with 8gbs of ram and the
    gtx 750 or 16gbs of ram and the gtx 760ti? Plz reply:) 

  13. tuneadoes Lo says:

    0:31 WTF!?!?!? intel on AMD socket D:!?!?!?!?!

  14. ErraticStormFDU says:

    getting it in febuary :D i7 core 16 gb ram

  15. Eranuzz says:

    And where can u find the price of this beast?

  16. Calipha Callender says:

    This song is badass as hell. What’s the name of it?

  17. Supercharged Mopar says:

    I just got one of these and they are absolutely mind bowing! I have the i7
    and it has rapid internet searching and minimum lag! For example i can play
    minecraft at ultra settings with shadders and play on amplified mode and
    their is zero lag! 

  18. Jorn Huijbens says:

    So i cant find the price anywhere you had one job rog is it that hard to
    put the price of your products on your fucking website 

  19. hawkeye says:

    A week ago I posted in reply to someone who was having serious problems
    with his new ROG:”Sorry to hear of your issues with your new ROG, but you
    are not alone. You are one of the unlucky ones. There are several reports
    all over the net in various forums and customer reviews of ASUS ROG Nvidia
    Card problems and failures, particularly the GTX.”

    Well, despite those reports I bought one. Installed the latest Nvidia
    driver and guess what. My GTX 760 is dead on arrival. I can only use my ROG
    with the onboard Intel GPU which is useless for gamimg.


    I’d install a replacement card myself, but that would void what is
    apparently a much needed ASUS Warranty.

    Shame on you ASUS!

  20. M_G@MER_Q says:

    THIS IS SHIT! Thy re lowest version is 700$ and has a gtx 745 and 6 gb ram
    and i3 4th gen. For 700$ you could put an i5+gtx 960 (coming soon) and 8gb
    ram. I only like the case.

  21. Jccold9100 says:

    I bought this PC and I can tell i’ve had it for a month since my 1 month
    McAfee ended, anyways I’ve noticed whats good and bad about this computer,
    lets start with the bad, i dont know if its just me but when im using it to
    go on youtube or look up stuff, their is a low fan noise but i can hear it
    and it annoys me, its not really loud but loud enough to where i can hear
    it if its quiet in my room, now thats just 1 minor problem that can be
    ignored, the main problem that I have is that when i put the computer to
    sleep and then come back to it, nothing displays on the monitor, the pc
    turns on and my keyboard and mouse lights up but their is nothing on my
    monitor, now you think it might be my monitor but no, i switched it with a
    new monitor and cable and still no, sometimes after a while i will get a
    display and the computer works like normal again, to fix this problem i
    just shut down the computer or just turn off my monitor and leave the
    computer on. Now for the good things :D Literally everything is perfect
    besides the noise/monitor problems. the i7 processor works like a beast
    with 8gb of ram (or 16 if you bought the other version) and I can run ANY
    game on high graphics, tried black ops 2 and got 60 FPS on high settings,
    tried far cry 4 on high settings with minimal lag, the computer comes with
    a lot of asus software that is actually really helpful, it comes with its
    own sound system wear you can change the sound settings to make it
    concentrate on FPS games, and you can hear their footsteps come by and
    gunfire. you can also monitor everything on you computer, their is a
    program that is called Aegis that monitors the systems temperature, usage,
    memory, and everything else. Also its actually really small but it does
    have a external power brick that is kinda big but no problem their for me.
    Overall I love this computer and even though their are some problems, i
    dont really care because everything else is just great.

  22. Ben Kroes says:

    Just be careful with this one. I got it delivered yesterday and right out
    of the box the DVD drive makes a clicking sound and won’t open, when I try
    to install updates for windows it says can’t install undoing changes when I
    restart the computer, the power brick is huge and ads clutter, you only get
    430 watts at most which the 760 alone requires 600 watts just to run, the
    bios is terrible for doing anything at all, the solid state hybrid drive is
    slow and super laggy when opening applications, and worst of all it was
    giving me screen tares in battlefield 4. It’s not at all powerful. My last
    computer had a 6 second boot up time, this thing takes forever.

  23. Jheyo venero roncal says:

    that was so hotness :D

  24. I jeddel99 I says:

    Should I buy this instead of a building pc ?

  25. PhoenixMiner says:

    Is this available in Australia, because i cant seem to find it anywhere. If
    you know a place it would be appreciated

  26. Josh Hummel says:

    My upper floor is carpeted and I have pets on my lower floor of my house.

  27. Gary Steiger says:

    I noticed the cable was RED indication SATA 2.0 which is 3.0GB data rate.
    Blue cable is SSATA 3.0 and rated at 6.0 data rate. Also MSATA is even
    faster I think 8.0 GB transfer. I’m using a PCI express card for a raid
    setup. FASTER YET!!! Tempo 6Gb/s SATA PCI Express 2.5″ Solid State Drive
    Card from Sonnet is a PCIe card that can control two SSDs and it supports
    the OS X or Windows RAID feature. The card features a 6Gb/s SATA controller
    chipset and PCIe 2.0 x2 interface to deliver read speeds up to 660 MB/s
    from a pair of SSDs configured as a RAID 0 set. AHCI compliance means that
    installing the card is simple; just attach your SSDs with the provided
    screws, mount the card in an available PCIe slot, and turn on your computer
    – the necessary drivers are installed automatically. Drive health
    monitoring is supported through S.M.A.R.T. data reporting.

  28. johnkats14 says:

    When he was looking at the SSD he almost dropped it xD

  29. GTGamerX7 says:

    is ssd card importand for the pc ?

  30. achmed raska says:

    I got a hdd with windows 7 on it, but i want to install my new ssd as boot
    driver and put my windows 7 on there.
    Do i have to put my ssd as first thing to boot up and install os on that,
    and my hhd as second, and do i have to format my hdd since there is also a
    windows 7 on that hdd?

  31. TheNielsAlmelo says:

    can i get my OS on a ssd without having to format my hdd?

  32. Validifyed says:

    “Solid state *Disk* drive” … Since when did an SSD have a disk in it?

  33. TheLulzbatRises says:

    Be aware that recently kingston changed some of their ssds specs without
    telling anybody about it, a lot of review sites actually have reviewed the
    older products not the new ones which are much slower.

    Inform yourself before buying a kingston ssd.

  34. checksandbalences says:

    Would I be able to use this as a secondary drive and leave my OS on the
    standard hardrive?

  35. MiningBlock says:

    my computer already boots in like a minute so could I just connect an ssd
    and use it as a drive for some of my games for faster load time? do I NEED
    to put the OS on it, I’m already pretty deep into my HDD and I’m not
    looking to buying a 1tb SSD, just a 120GB one. 

  36. jayount says:

    What kind of keyboard is that at the beginning? Is it mechanical? It
    looks nice.

  37. Profilee Namee says:

    Do you need a windows install disc or can you do this without?

  38. bobbybill12 says:

    An SSD, not “a SSD”

  39. Vincent Abee says:

    will all the programs be erased from my HDD?

  40. joe carson says:

    should i install drivers (motherboard, graphics card) to the SSD or my HDD?

  41. DNTMEE says:

    No, no. You have to make this realistic. Show a computer pulled about 3/4
    of the way out (that’s as far as the tangle of cords attatched will allow
    it to slide out) from the lower computer storage space on the left or right
    side of the desk. No one wants to disconnect the thing from all those
    plugins on the back. Then show the tricky hand positions necessary to
    remove the side panel in this position. It won’t be too hard since no one
    puts the screws back in from the last time they did this. You may also want
    to show the dust balls and clogged cooling fan, but that’s optional. Then
    there is the issue of having to pull off the front facing panel to get
    out the old drive people have in that extra drive space already. Can’t pull
    it out the other way because of the tangle of cords inside the computer.
    Again, no one wants to pull those cords off the mother board to get them
    out of the way either. Finally, show the user putting the new SSD in with
    double sided tape or just leaving it sitting in the bay without screwing it
    in at all. After all, they want to test it first. They will then just put
    the side panel back on because “it’s good enough” or they forgot and slide
    the computer back in. The conscientious among them may screw it in on one
    side, leaving it just hanging on the other. After all, it’s light and that
    will be “good enough” as well.

    And you know what? It’ll work just fine for years that way, reinforcing the
    user’s belief in their way of doing things.

  42. Blackstyle Bogdan says:

    Hello, i got a problem with my SSD. The Model is “SSD Kingston SSDNow V300
    60GB” . i installed my OS on the SSD drive and when windows is starting up
    i got huge CPU processes (its like impossible to do anything) . I use the
    SSD for my windows and another HDD for my other data (if i use only the HDD
    its working perfectly) . If you can help me to fix this i will be greatful.

  43. doctorletsplay says:

    Thanks! It looks so easy in this video

  44. BadroLRN says:

    hey i have a question when i ordere an SSD from amazon, does it come with
    the full package like with those supporters and cable and screws or jsut
    the SSD it self ? 

  45. Adam racecar says:

    So this works with IDE right? :P

  46. PBNuferex says:

    Would I have to do any extra steps once the computer boots up if I just
    want to add another ssd drive to my hdd?

  47. Braiden Robson says:

    Do i need the windows disk to do this?

  48. StriveEdits says:

    what kid of SATA cable is that? i need to buy one.

  49. MrKrille122 says:

    0:05 slippery SSD

  50. Steve Mason says:

    Question? Can I replace my hard drive in my laptop with a disk like this
    one? And if I have an OLD Mini Tower can I use one of these drives to
    update the old Mini Tower? Now I use a laptop.

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