Ariana Grande – Break Free feat. Zedd (Audio)

Ariana Grande - Break Free feat. Zedd (Audio)

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25 Responses to Ariana Grande – Break Free feat. Zedd (Audio)

  1. Ariana Grande says:

    Thanks for all the support, I love you all! muah xo <3

  2. Anouk Leahy says:

    2:24 ”Fart on your body I came alive.”
    Am I the only one who hears this? Yes? Alright then..

  3. Emma McCarson says:

    I hate Ariana. I LOVE THIS SONG!

  4. Colton Richardson says:

    Ariana Grande really does sound like something you would buy at a

  5. sirdanik says:

    ▀ ▀ If Just one person reads this, would be a miracle for me ▀ ▀
    I worked really really hard to make a cover of this song, and I really wish
    you could please tell me what you think of it.. please, also please
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  6. Los MexidorenosTV says:

    Zedd makes the entire song to be honest.

  7. LJ Evans says:

    I really love the sound/dubstep at the end. <3

  8. Rachel Marotta says:

    probably the only song i like from ariana grande love you ariana

  9. SteveFox says:

    I swear to fuckin god..
    fucking thing tricks me every time into thinking my monitor is dirty…

  10. Get Dynamic says:

    I’m not even a fan of Adriana grande. I just came here for Zedd.

  11. kent agung says:

    well i came here for Zedd not for Ariana Grande.. :3

  12. Molly Jenkins says:

    Ariana Grande – Break Free feat. Zedd one of my fave

  13. Camila Claudia says:

    I only wanna die alive
    Never by the hands of a broken heart

    love it Ariana <3

  14. Greenjade439 says:

    I really don’t like Ariana… But I’m so attached to this song, I’ll find
    myself singing it every now and again

  15. Lily Hamada™ says:

    love you to muah! SOOO GIRLY TALK!
    omg im so jelly of her voice though XD

  16. TWIN MELODY says:

    Ariana Grande is extremely talented and shes coming out with some
    incredible songs! We love Break Free and we just wanted to take a quick
    minute to say that we’d be more than honored if you could take a second to
    check out some of our covers. Thank you all so much and give a thumbs up to
    the beautiful Ariana Grande and Break Free!
    God bless you <3

  17. Matthew Lawrence says:


  18. DamienDrake2389 says:

    She should get an award for spending the shortest amount of time in the big
    leagues of music before having nudes leaked :L has anyone done that faster
    than her? XD

  19. puppy lover09 says:

    Queen A is before queen B so yeah deal with it! Ariana bae

  20. The Puppet Charmer says:

    This is the when I say I don’t wanna! XD

  21. Christopher Cook says:

    Ariana… May I please use this song to introduce you to my community?

  22. Daniel Garcia says:

    BEST!!!!!! if i was your producer i would have added a stronger beat, but
    this is a MASTERPIECE!

  23. Tasnim Ullah says:

    Yay one of my Fave songs with no DIRTY SCENARIOS

  24. Pauline M. Tendencia says:

    Dammnn, i swear i thought Zedd would drop the beat but oh well great song
    :) <3

  25. Emily Armstrong says:

    This is soo great!! Ari ever since Victorious aired I was hooked on just
    about everything about you! I first grew to love your sweet character, hair
    and voice. I don’t mean your singing voice but the sweet Cat voice! Then I
    heard you sing after a while and I was blown away. Your sweet personality
    mixed with your god given voice is absolutely amazing!! I am so proud of
    how far you have came in your music and you confine to inspire me daily.
    I’m coming to your concert in April and I can’t tell you how pumped I am!!
    You are seriously the best singer I’ve ever heard and I can’t wait to hear
    more of your music in the future!! I’m going to post this on more than one
    video just to increase the chances of you seeing this. I hoped that this
    would have a bigger chance of you reading it because it’s on YouTube and
    you don’t have as many people on here as you do on Instagram and twitter
    and such haha (: have a great day!! I’m sooo thrilled to see you this

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