Apple iPad Air 2: Unboxing & Review

Unboxing and review of the iPad Air 2 featuring a thinner design, powerful A8X chip, Touch ID, new cameras, and a new optically bonded retina display with an anti-reflective coating. This video…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to Apple iPad Air 2: Unboxing & Review

  1. DetroitBORG says:

    Before you ask, I do have 128GB LTE iPads on the way, but they shipped
    later than expected so I picked up some WiFi models to get this review done
    ASAP. Hope you enjoy!

  2. TDUsafiro says:

    That’s not gold, it’s black and blue!

  3. AidanIsThisGuy says:

    I still have the god damn iPad 2. Got it love 3 years ago. Using it now

  4. Jack Winter says:

    Heart jumped a little when you tossed it to adjust your grip XD would like
    a warning next time ^^

  5. Chamod Malalathunga says:

    I’ll willing to buy a iPhone 6 Plus & iPad AIR 2. Having both devices in
    same colour is good. Ryt? (prefer gold one) 

  6. Dom Esposito says:

    Great video, Mike!

  7. FsuAtl - Clash of Clans says:

    When he threw the iPad in the air at the end :O

  8. Kayley Bobo says:

    How to count to 7
    iPad 1
    iPad 2
    iPad 3
    iPad 4
    iPad Mini
    iPad Air
    iPad Air 2

  9. Adam taleb says:

    Seriously though when are they going to announce a new iPod 

  10. Ella Rose says:

    I don’t know if this happens to everyone but my iPad Air 2 is the worst
    thing I’ve ever used – the keyboard is so dodgy. What I mean if I typed a
    sentence like “I like dogs”
    it would type this “I llikee dgdos”. Also, on Snapchat, (this rarely
    happens) but sometimes half the keyboard shows up. Then, I have to abandon
    that Snap. Also, another annoying thing is sometimes it says 1% and
    charging but then it switches off.

    A couple of weeks ago, (it doesnt happen anymore) it was being *so* *glichy*
    glitchy. It was switching on and off repeating that. I looked online and
    saw other people were having the same problem.

    I just wasted loads of money on this *rubish* rubbish! I have 16 GB so it
    makes it even more *werse* worse.

  11. Nikol Slavova says:

    I’m watching this video ON my iPad Air 2 I got it today

  12. Alex Lapinski says:

    Nearly 4,600 in Geekbench? Android eat your heart out! ;)

  13. excelx213 says:

    ipop air 2, enjoy your vibrating tablet. it is so thin that by a minimal
    back pressure you can actually see ghosting.

  14. Macsk8ing says:

    That gold one is so classy, I’m don’t trust that fingerprint thing though,
    that’s the only reason I’m not getting one.

  15. Electester says:

    Few days ago I have bought new iPad Air 2. I have a pretty annoying problem
    and I don’t know how to solve it. I have a trouble with Calendar which is
    opening for the moment and immediately crash (close up, but stay in RAM) I
    was searching in Google about it, but I haven’t found anything.

    Can anyone is able to help me? This is pretty weird.

  16. Michael Sofia says:

    Doesn’t the iPad Air 2 have 2GB of RAM?

  17. Balázs Pintér says:

    Do you have other goals in your life besides buying expensive gadgets?

  18. MultiNinja42 says:

    What do u do with all this technology?

  19. Ainohelmi K. says:

    It’s perfect ♥____♥ I love it. But maybe it’s too expensive, like it’s
    almost the same as iPad Air but iPad air is like 100$ cheaper lol

  20. Mike Paquette says:

    Mike, I wanna see your Star Trek collection! Think you could share what
    you’ve gathered?

    DetroitBORG, 1701 as your PIN, Into Darkness on your Netflix queue…yeah,
    got ya pegged.

  21. SxC KrYpT0nItE says:

    Hi Mike :D

  22. Michael Abejo says:

    Wow, so I’ve just noticed from your comment that you actually bought this
    iPad for the sake of tech review. How rich are you? Haha!

  23. ElShaalotelli says:

    What about the sound? I want to upgrade from my iPad 4 to the iPad Air 2.
    However as I often listen to music, watch videos and stream movies, the
    sound quality is quiet important to me. 

  24. MissGuidedTruth says:

    Do the videos on the YouTube app play in 1080p??????????

  25. How To Cook That says:

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  27. Lisa Persson says:

    You are so incredibly talented, it’s pure joy watching your videos!

  28. Kyri Abigail says:

    wattpad is basicly the home of fanfictions :p

  29. Brittanie Wilson says:

    When I heard the kik notification sound, I thought I got an actual message

  30. Ana Marie says:

    Why is there a game called Poo!? WTF!?

  31. Olivia Awde says:

    uh she did the apple wrong

    no bite

  32. AdaigoSparkDazzleBerryLol⭐ says:

    Dang, this channel makes me hungry….. another subscriber!!!

  33. Midnight Memories says:

    Ann this has been your most watched video!!

  34. rob shmit says:

    Ooh yeah, I wanna eat the bible.

  35. Terezi Pyrope says:

    Oh my gosh!! That’s amazing! I subscribed last year and I’m in love with
    this channel

  36. Amelia John says:

    sharpie is edible ? i never new that until this video. i feel slow lol

  37. Kathleen Jarosik says:

    make a Cinderella inspired cake……………..or make a Cinderella cake.
    if you don’t know how watch a YouTube vid.

  38. Angelina Geerman says:

    I just came upon this video, and let me just say you are really

  39. Ally Garcia says:

    Can you please
    Make a Minecraft
    Cake?I would
    Really Like
    It if you make
    A Minecraft Cake!

  40. Gabriela Cardona says:

    Can you do mincraft

  41. Tamas Topos says:

    I Have your app and you look beautiful

  42. Bárbara Mota Pinto says:

    she forgot the bite in the apple

  43. How To Cake It says:

    I LOVE Apple and I LOVE Cake so this is actually a match made in heaven for
    me. Awesome work :)

  44. Lucy Gee says:

    She is really good at baking cakes have you all seen the Taylor swift cake,
    oh and I an watching thus in 2015:)

  45. Jasmin Scott-Daley says:

    Make a minion cake lol

  46. Lily McCormick says:

    my uncle can make a tie dye cake and a rainbow cake. He’s learning how to
    make an Instagram cake and it is looking PRETTY good.

  47. Demi Parker says:

    Could you make an adventuretime cake please?

  48. Katie Cozzens says:

    Plz post more! But if you could, do you think you could make something
    gorse related thx! Live your channel

  49. Olivia Nicole says:

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