Apple iPad Air 2 review – the best tablet in the business

Apple iPad Air 2 review – the best tablet in the business
See also: The 13 best tablets of 2014. In fairness, Apple has made further changes, but it's revealing that this was the feature it chose to lead on at the tablet's official unveiling. Not a faster CPU, nor an improved display or camera, though it has …
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Sorry, Microsoft. It's still a stylus, not a pen
Styluses have long been used for drawing on graphics tablets, for writing on Palm Pilots, and for both navigating and inking on tablet PCs–which have been around since at least 2002. (My first stylus-capable device was a Handspring Visor, back in the …
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PC market a mixed bag when tablets factored in
Total worldwide PC shipments, including notebooks, desktops and tablets, reached 148 million units in the fourth quarter, a 6 percent decline compared with the same period in 2013, Canalys reported Tuesday. Full-year 2014 PC shipments hit 528 million …
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