Apple has developed a way to prevent your iPhone from getting too hot that

Apple has developed a way to prevent your iPhone from getting too hot that
Lots of phones heat up when they're in use for too long. The Galaxy S6 Edge can get very warm, and some iPhone 6s users have complained that their TouchID home buttons become “burning hot.” But in a patent published on Tuesday, Apple described the …
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What expensive camera filmed this 4K video of London? The iPhone 6S
The latest iteration of the iPhone may not be a hit quite yet with consumers, as it is performing a bit under par when compared to its predecessors, but maybe this video will boost its popularity. Thanks to the creative minds at AmnesiArt, the true …
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Tech Report: iPhone Wi-Fi Assist eating up data
SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A heads up iPhone and iPad users — a feature that was added to iDevices in the new iOS 9 mobile operating system update, that came out recently, could be costing you extra money monthly by eating up your data plans.

Apple iPhone 6 64GB Refurbished Variant Price Cut To 4 On eBay
The 64 GB model of the iPhone 6 can now be purchased for $ 474 via eBay. This is a seller refurbished unit with warranty and free shipping. Pictured above: People try out the newly released iPhone 6 at the Apple store in Berlin September 19, 2014. Reuters.
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