Affordable PC Specialist Editing/Gaming Laptop!

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25 Responses to Affordable PC Specialist Editing/Gaming Laptop!

  1. JayEx23 | Top 5's, Guides, Commentaries and More! says:

    Thanks to PC Specialist for sending this out to me at the last minute!
    check out their link in the description they have every type of build from
    bare bones to beyond beast!

  2. nigel smothers says:

    This has probably been said before but can we buys this in the US

  3. insidia says:


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. Evan Young says:

    What’s the track pad like? Also would 8gb of ram Intel I.5 with 2.70Ghz be
    enough for me. I’ll just be gaming and doing school stuff. I’ll be studying
    computer science next year? Also is open office sufficient for college? 

  5. Mr Manjra says:

    I have my eyes set on an Optimus V X15 LE (15″ screen) from pc specialist.
    I am unsure of its width from the side where all the ports are?
    Is it less than 1.5 inches?
    I haven’t found a single review or unboxing video of the Optimus V. I’ve
    built a great system using the Optimus V but all I am concerned about is
    the size of the thing.

  6. tomjohnable says:

    Hey, I have recently got this laptop and i have realized that my games lag
    a lot even though. The only way i can get rid of this stupid lag is with a
    software called “Nvidia Experience”. Do you have this issue as well? Please

  7. Assureddoge says:

    How can i get this to buy in America?

  8. Seb Red says:

    Why didn’t you get the 17 inch model – not only is it cheaper but you can
    get a free 1080p display with it

  9. WasherGareth says:

    Hey Jay, can you use different songs in the background? These two tracks
    are in a lot of your videos

  10. BANNDIT says:

    I love that background track in your vids jay!

  11. xKobra says:

    Would this run Minecraft fast?

  12. minner4000 says:

    hey i live in the usa can i still buy this

  13. Darryl Giblin says:

    Dude just what I was after thanks great vid

  14. Awen Saunders-Goldman says:

    Finally a British guy

  15. TrandoGrand MCPE says:

    Is there any similar websites that ship international or usa

  16. harveen singh Kalra says:

    check on game-debate and compare specs on games

  17. HAYDNBBH says:

    I just need something that runs minecraft/factorio on medium settings, got
    a new laptop last year decent specs for 450 and it cant do that lol deffo
    looking here 

  18. LilGeter says:

    Can you buy one of there laptops if your in the U.S.?

  19. Steven Nathan says:

    i was going to order my 4770k GTX 770 desktop from pcspecialist. then i
    shopped around some more and found a shop near me that built it for less.
    the rig i wanted with OS installed was coming in at nearly £1300 on
    pcspecialist. xtra computers near me built it for just over 1100. my pc
    plays every game at ultra. i had a desktop before that would play all games
    at medium, and its just not cricket. i wanted a pc that would give better
    gaming than a console, and in order to do that, you need to spend twice as
    much as this laptop i’m afraid. 

  20. ROADMAN says:

    Need something that i could streama mid-end game pc game to twitch.

  21. 1123g01 says:

    wat about canada :(?

  22. ArmA Stealth says:

    can anyone reccomend me a laptop that can run arma 3 at medium settings at
    least at the lowest price possible? 

  23. TheVenatoS says:

    Im wondering, is that site truly trust worthy? I’m planning on build a 1.5k
    Gaming PC and i’m not sure if i can trust it!
    Also i want to use the part pay thing and i’m not sure if its safe over the
    Anyway you can help me?

  24. FraserMartin96 says:

    How brilliantly timed! Im looking for a gaming laptop that can run
    minecraft on close to max settings, and tf2 on max. I would also like it to
    not overheat every 20 minutes like my current one. Anything more than this
    is a bonus.

  25. andres54322 says:

    I live in America can I still buy this?

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