Acer Aspire XC-605 Desktop PC Der neue Acer Aspire XC-605 ist der kompakte Alleskönner, der durch moderne Intel Core Prozessoren der 4. …
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ASUS TYTAN G70 Gaming Desktop PC -- Rise of the Superweapon

ROG TYTAN G70 Gaming Desktop PC features the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor and one-click all-core processor overclocking that doesn’t require …
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39 Responses to Acer Aspire XC-605 Desktop PC

  1. pinkidinkitinki says:

    Hey. I have a short question… Is there enoght space to put an asus
    gxt-750 Ti OC in it?
    Hey. Ich habe eine kleine Frage… Bieten das Gehäuse/Mainboard genug
    Platz, um eine Asus gxt-750 Ti OC darin zu verbauen?
    Thx for the answers!
    Danke für die Antwort!

  2. Olivier Nijman says:

    can you play minecraft on this

  3. Ivan Lopez says:

    what language is she speaking she sounds very sexy

  4. Andreas Bauer 8 says:

    Kann man damit W-lan empfangen? Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen :)

  5. keineintresse says:

    “Aktuelle Spiele in höchsten Details” Das ist Asphalt 8 das ist für
    Smartphones ausgelegt natürlich läuft es auf dem Pc flüssig 

  6. Maryanna Soffia says:


  7. SorryForLP says:

    Ich kann damit COD Gohsts mit höchsten einstellungen zocken D:

  8. xShadowRemiix says:

    Wer hat den PC ???

  9. Dustin Schmidt says:


  10. EastendBillythekid says:

    Great system Shity Graphic card ACER wake the fuck up !
    WOW cannot believe such a great company didn’t put a 750 GTX in their mini
    Acer Aspire systems.

  11. FailGamerLp says:

    Wie eine Konsole 

  12. Marc Dennin says:

    2 mal gekauft.2 mal nich funktioniert -.-

  13. Acer Deutschland says:
  14. Eastendbiilythekid says:

    Acer is Outstanding but They need a serious good quality graphic card for
    gaming properly. ! Sadly they give you a basic low end one..
    This hurts ACER sales. Then need to step up.

  15. luwin G says:

    Oh! This is a super saiyan computer :D 

  16. Gam3ingPr0zz says:

    You could build a better pc for the price than buying this wtf.

  17. Aweso me says:

    i do better pc and cheap, that asus tytan for price is just because case
    not more lol good case = people who dont know think pc is op and keep

  18. Adrian D. says:

    This thing is MAD!!

  19. CORWERA says:

    LOL this is just an other one of those overhyped, overpriced and completley
    misleading PCs. for that much you should be getting something alot better
    than a 780!

  20. Rodrigo Marques says:

    Those could be a little cheaper :P

  21. Vidi Vivus says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  22. Seven Layer of Cake says:

    holy shit….this is evilishly awesome..

  23. DoXPlays says:

    Geiles Teil :o kann ich mir aber net leisten xD

  24. Nathan Abrahams says:

    why isn’t it at my local or online future shop? there is the G30 there but
    I want the update PC (G70)

  25. Andrew Johnson says:

    Just when you deck the hell out of your PC to make it look awesome,
    something like this comes along the following week haha. It sucks but
    always been that way. That CPU overclock swtitch honestly I don’t
    understand how no one had done that until this. I mean we can control fans,
    gpu oc triggers, hotswapping 5 inch HDD bays, but not a single CPU
    overclock on the fly switch? Wtf. And technology was definitly not
    hindering the idea, since you could technically do this since 2006 just
    took someone to think of something so blatantly obvious I can’t believe I
    never noticed lol.

  26. Jan Klugescheid says:

    The sides with the fans look awesome! Like a Lamborghini Murcielago with
    his intakes :D

  27. Julian Potter says:

    I think water cooling would be too much trouble

  28. GOT says:

    The donates are welcome!!

  29. Volronalex says:

    just want the case !!! :c not the whole thing, 5k for this build is
    really over priced. I think if you know all the prices it would end up
    being like a 1000 dollars case…

  30. RDilux says:

    and here i am with my Silverstone Raven RVZ01 with a GTX 780 hmm smaller
    and same peformance :)

  31. Andrew Johnson says:

    Wait 1 month, youll have a new rig that walks and shoots missiles. That is
    the bane of PC gaming, always something one upping it the second you get
    your rig up.

  32. Akys Channel says:

    Im a bit scared

  33. LaTrOXx says:


  34. Ahmad Hazim Ahmad Fuad says:

    wtf! overclock button??

  35. Manuel Elizaldi says:

    That thing is not a PC, it’s a transformer…

  36. Micky Zip says:

    Shame about CS Not good at all!

  37. Kagaya tesura says:

    Mine comes in tmr can’t wait xD

  38. juanito506 says:

    It has blue lighting whenever it’s in standard mode. Overclock it, and it
    changes into a menacing red color.

    Intel for standard, AMD for OC, anyone?

  39. StefanMaikel says:

    Man that PC is beautiful!

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