ABP News debate on new audio sting against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

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46 Responses to ABP News debate on new audio sting against Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

  1. Sanjay Marwal says:

    I love it…. Arvind did good…this is simple boy but these people make
    him rude 

  2. Dhanu Bhandari says:

    ye anti bjp ka chennel hai….agar ye bjp hota to kya hota? ye chennel bhi
    harega jaroor….log abp new ke sath nahi hai

  3. Sadguru Prerna says:


  4. Bobby Chauhan Zonal Coordinator AAP says:

    .well done vijay ji aapney sahi aaklan kiya hai ! jab bechaarey ko itna
    paka diya hai toh aur karey bhi toh kya ? extreme stress ko jab aadmi
    jhelta hai toh outcome aisa hi hoga! jabardasti provoke karogey toh kya
    pyaar kareyga vo ? ! abhi abhi toh AK theek ho kar aaya tha fir in logo ko
    pataaney ki bhi bohot koshish ki, vo log jab bhi nahi maaney toh fir ab
    gaali nahi nikaleygi toh aur kya hoga !

  5. holland4575 says:

    jeh arbind ki narajgi hai jab shanti bhushan ji ne us waqat phit per churra
    mara tha yeh kah kar ki …………………….kiran bedi is better then
    kejriwali …….and try to defeat the aap party ……………..wat is
    this ninsense then for the country …………

  6. kusheshwar yadav says:

    tum kaisa jhutha mother fucke anchor ho tu ak g ne ye nahi kaha hai ki mai
    salo ko laat mar kar party se nikal dunga ak g ye kah raha hai ki duse
    party me ye kamina sab hota to laat mar kar nikaal deta galat baat mat kar

  7. Alankar Priyadarshi says:

    This sting shows AK is a good man.Just leave the language part.See the
    content.This sting proves YY and PB are cunning people.They are playing
    games.AK is an honest man.I have seen so many corrupt people who are very
    soft spoken.I judge the people with their actions not by what they said.AK
    actions are very good.He genuinely try to do something for the country.Yeh
    BJP and Congress wale such nahe karate bus bhaashan fete hai and logo ko
    ullu ban ate hai.

  8. Minni Razdan says:


  9. Andrew Doraiswamy says:

    In 2 chutiyon ko party se nikaar do. Sab theek ho jayega! PB and YY are
    opportunists, wolves in sheepskin.

  10. Anand ji says:

    I have listened to YY so closely. I can surely say this sting had YY’s

  11. shailendra kumar says:

    koi baat nahi Vijay vidhrohi ji …..aap bhi apna Resume AAP party ko bhej
    sakte hai ,,,,,,q ki aap iske liye qualified hai….:)

  12. Tabrez Khan says:

    kijriwal say is Right ,
    why do u want make a big story.

  13. mitul patel says:

    Ye vidhrohi ka aapiyapa dekhta hai

  14. Sanjay Marwal says:

    ager m hota na arvind ki jagha to tum chala he nahe pate apne channel per
    … itne galiya hoti…

  15. Shashank Shukla says:

    anchor is biased and stupid….this only reveals arvind’s desperate attempt
    to change india….he is surrounded by morons….listen to his will to
    change india without selfish gains….

  16. Sushmita Kandel says:

    Arvind kejriwal ko jail bhejdena chahiye.

  17. Ria Chowdury says:

    Arvin is right .I think abp news anchor dont like Arvin .Arvin not saying
    main lath marungi. I think a b p news not justified he’s channel maybe that
    a b p news make criminal plan against arvin.

  18. Sarup Singh says:

    AK right

  19. Manohar Sharma says:

    Kejriwal has lost his mental balance and has crossed all the limits of
    decency in public life. Shame on Kejriwal!

  20. Mahtab Alam says:

    waoooooooooooooooooooooo….kar de mushkil jeena ishq kameena…

  21. ChrisPel says:

    Soo many shoes! :O I want all the blue and the black ones :DD

  22. Tony Mintz says:

    What a beautiful shoeset.

  23. Raul Sanchez says:

    This song feels so true to who they are. Its such a chill song!!!

  24. KingBey says:

    This is amazing omg

  25. ronofdepere says:

    my skin is bumpy. im a goose.

  26. TheRattleSnake3145 says:

    Great song, the sound reminds me of Eliza Doolittle.

  27. DarkRose Ray says:

    This song makes me feel things lol yea growing apart from close friends is

  28. Kennedy Boston says:

    I’m in love with this song. It’s so laid back and the acoustic is awesome.
    It’s just a relaxed vibe that makes me wanna laugh and smile.

  29. ChrisPel says:

    The song is so beauitul. I love it! :))

  30. andrina wolff says:

    I can feel myself becoming obsessed with this song and it’s only 15 seconds
    in!!!! ……..This is now the soundtrack to my life. So beautiful xxx

  31. tresila says:

    I love this. I’ve had a shit day and this instantly cheers me up.
    Thank you Karmin:D You guys make good and genuine music!

  32. Estefania Irigoyen says:

    Amazing song!! Greetings from Ecuador!!

  33. italian1555 says:

    This is a new radio hit right here!!! <3

  34. Tommy Stubbs says:

    …maybe I’ll just hit that replay button… again..

  35. zgamer49 says:

    What’s up with the audio on this video? There’s some kind of muffled filter
    over the song compared to iTunes or the music video.

  36. rainowikar says:

    Ohhh i love this :O

  37. Andrew Scheibe says:

    That voice. Swoon. I love you guys :)

  38. Aiym Nurseitova says:

    Sweet song! Beautiful lyrics! Can’t wait for the new album! <3 

  39. Anjel Eileen says:

    I’m greedy. I want the album! If this is just a taste, I don’t know if I
    can handle it all. Haha love you!

  40. Philip Gipson says:

    +Karmin I absolutely love this new song of yours.

  41. Clark Johnson says:

    Its fun that all ur songs are different! My favs are I told you so and
    Walking on the moon ! :)

  42. vivixouille says:

    Honestly this is the most beautiful song you wrote since your beginning.
    You rock guys ;)

  43. Tommy Stubbs says:

    acoustic af

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