A Realistic Guide To Using Gadgets On The Beach

A Realistic Guide To Using Gadgets On The Beach
First, the cheap, dedicated waterproof digital cameras you buy at drugstores and sporting good stores are absolutely terrible. They take murky low-res photos and are difficult to use. You can barely see the sea turtle in the above shot! Instead, just …
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Meet The Gigapixel Camera: Your 14 Megapixel Digital Camera On Steroids
Keeping up with technology is a constant race. Moore's Law makes sure of that, despite recent news that the well-known processing power law (the doubling of transistors per unit area) will reach its physical limit around 2022. Digital cameras have …
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Why I am Still a Heathen
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Heathens can be an off-putting bunch. This week, a friend of mine shared a project he was really excited about in a Heathen group that's generally very open-minded, and was attacked and belittled for his opinions. There was only …
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