£5 USB Digital TV Receiver

Digital TV receiver from Banggood, £5 / .50 including delivery. Purchased from www.banggood.com, item number SKU007322 3 weeks for delivery from China to UK. Software included does work,…

TV Tuner With Media Player w/ Recording PVR Function / HDMI Out / Coaxial Out / Composite Out / USB Input. Winegard Metro 360deg Antenna.

18 Responses to £5 USB Digital TV Receiver

  1. Malc Tulloch says:

    Nice one John, thanks for posting.

  2. Rabar Kurdistani says:

    I do like your voice. It is amaizing :D

  3. James jimjimjim says:

    Not bad for £5, if you get time and have an interest take a look at SDR,
    software defined radio. You can download software to use with some of these
    TV dongles which allows you to tune into a wide range of radio bands, they
    usually have a spectrum analyser and you can go hunting in all sorts of
    areas of the radio spectrum. 

  4. chris lambert says:

    Very strange i purchased the same item from the same seller on ebay a few
    years back, and could never get it to work

  5. James McBride says:

    Looks very good for £5 – unbelievable value! Do you have “Windows Media
    Centre” on your pc. If so, you could try setting it up in there, which will
    give you full EPG along with DVR functionality 

  6. MegaZsolti says:

    Wouldn’t this be illegal, since you have to pay for channels?

  7. photonpanda says:


    Both Banggood and DealExtreme have their share of great deals and utter
    garbage. Read the reviews before buying, and keep your expectations
    reasonable. ;)

  8. Per Mejdal Rasmussen says:

    Try it in linux.

  9. copelandaa says:

    Bargain, I thought this was going to be a ‘failed product’ video and I was
    pleasantly surprised something from China actually worked for once. Does
    the USB Dongle get hot during use?

  10. alistairstuart2009 says:

    i would recommend using windows media center if it supports this device

  11. John Ward says:

    Digital TV Receiver for under £5

  12. Juliaflo says:

    Is there a way to adjust the time-date function to steer away from military
    time? I am tech-savvy, but I do NOT particularly care to see military
    time. It sounds a bit scary.

    Thank you for your help.

  13. Gooey Tarballs says:

    I have an Ematic AT103B. I use a 2TB USB Drive to record shows. What I need
    to know is – if I buy another Ematic AT103B can I record shows on the first
    one, then connect the USB Drive to the other AT103B and play them back?


    feb 2015

    do you still have this unit and dose it still work????
    bad reviews are hard to believe TIVO just as bad …

    need update …

  15. tomwiles says:

    I’ve ordered one of these from Amazon to hook to a projector via HDMI.

  16. Brandon Rodriguez says:

    I have problems playing almost all videos past hr 1:56-2:03 using both NTFS
    and Fat32 on different drives with different videos re-encoded at a
    different size. Also, it will require a hard reboot due to freezing
    occasionally caused by hard subtitles encoded in video file usually removed
    with remuxing. I bought a $23 MP018 mediaplayer off ebay that plays 1080p
    maybe through HDMI? Apparently 720 through component out, but at least it
    plays the entire video.

  17. Juliaflo says:

    What size of thumb drive or hard drives do you recommend, and can they be
    transferred to computers?

    Thank you.

  18. Technosquid says:

    I wish they would consider using the EPG broadcast title when naming the
    mts recordings, even if they had to truncate long titles. If you kept many
    recordings, it would be pretty irritating to browse them by call sign,
    date, and time. I’d much rather see “PBS_NewsHour” than “KTCA-DT.” Even
    better would be capturing the full EPG description, adding it to the file’s
    metadata, and displaying it in the details pane when the file is selected.
    I know there are several options that do this, but I can’t think of any
    single unit that does it for near the same price. It’s just disappointing
    when one phoned-in feature dramatically degrades the user experience like
    this. Being that this is the same system which runs on the all these
    popular ViewTV, iView, Mediasonic, HomeWorx devices, I hope a future
    version of the firmware would update them all with this change.

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