15 Greatest Video Game Exploits Ever

15 Greatest Video Game Exploits Ever

From a tank that flies by shooting its load, to using a bucket as a method of theft, we count 15 of the greatest video game exploits of all time Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDDGuides…

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  1. Danger Dolan (Gaming) says:

    Click here for the written version of this video:

  2. Lord Gaben says:

    There’s an exploit in valve where we can’t say the number that follows 2
    That’s why there’s no HL number after 2

  3. Rokkar Channel says:

    I remember missingno. the best is when my friend left the room I grabbed a
    link cable and gave it to him whole he wasn’t looking. dick move but funny.

  4. Nixxiom Machinima says:

    Ahh, the sword flying in Halo 2. I remember those days… That game had
    so many easter eggs and little fun tricks in it that it gave me and my
    friends hundreds of hours of gameplay. My favorite was always getting the
    Scarab gun, just because of how you needed to seduce a banshee in order to
    attain it. Good times. :)

  5. MrNintendoSwag says:

    melee is the most high level competitive fighting game. 

  6. PikaLink91 says:

    My littlebrother managed to corrupt my Pokémon Red by overuse of Missingno,
    to the point where I can’t even boot the game up. The Nintendo logo drops
    down as a pixelated mess, and then…. nothing. People don’t believe me and
    say that Missingno. cannot corrupt your game like that, but I have the
    proof in my hand that it CAN.

    Perhaps it was because, unlike the rest of us (that should be the name of
    the sequel to Last of Us), he didn’t active the Missingno. glitch once,
    then used the rare candies he got, rince rather repeat, no, apparently he
    kept bumping into Missingno. a number of time in a row (because 130 rare
    candies at a time apparently weren’t enough for him) so my guess is the
    glitch just kept stock pilling until it crashed upon itself…. kinda like
    what happens in Mario 2 if you use the life glitch to go beyond a certain

  7. Mr Jam says:

    Missingno doesn’t actually cause permanent corruptions!

  8. Ice Bird Gaming says:

    Honorable mentions:
    Fallout: New Vegas duplication bug
    Skyrim (ps3 only) opening barred doors through the other side
    Skipping ALL of Oblivion by jumping into a building early
    Destiny loot cave
    Flying in Morrowind
    Skyrim’s Iron Daggers (c’mon bethesda..)

  9. Tyle Aho-Chong says:

    What about the Super Mario Bros speed run glitch?

  10. PixiePrincess501 says:

    lol I didn’t know about the “Bucket-Head” thing in Skyrim. Personally, I’d
    rather improve my Thief skills the hard way, it’s just no fun using the
    Console cheat for this!
    I also read about another Console cheat (can’t remember the name, but
    Google it, it’s in that huge list of cheats) where it takes you to
    basically a house with every item/weapon/armour/etc in the chests found
    inside. But again I say, I’d rather get them the hard way, it’s no fun just
    getting them without an adventure involved! IT’S SKYRIM!!
    As for MISSINGNO. in Pokemon, back when the game came out (and before the
    principal at my school banned games). The glitch came from the one guy that
    had internet back then, and he taught my friends and I how to use it. Long
    story short, everyone got 100 Rare Candies and whenever we’d battle each
    other, we were to make sure all our Pokemon were level 50! Too bad we
    didn’t know at the time that rare candies does nothing for your stats, but
    we were kids…

  11. Zed orda says:

    up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A, START.

  12. xAbominationx says:

    on the apple 2 version of the bards tale you could get something like the
    frost horn or fire horn for your party infinitely. Have a party on one
    character disk that has the desired items and load that party. Walk from
    the starting point to the store, go in. Now take that character disk out
    and put in your character disk or the one you want to have access to the
    item. Sell the horn or other ultra weapon to the shop keeper. The sale is
    saved to your character disk. Rinse and repeat until you have what is
    basically an unlimited supply of what ever. Frost horns in that game were
    ultra rare and were basically a nuke. That’s a 30 year old exploit that no
    one will ever benefit from knowing ;D

  13. Smitty Is A Person says:

    Lol I was here before the 301+ club arrived

  14. kirbyfan107 says:

    There is a cool glitch in Batman Arkham City. If you stand on the edge of a
    sign while rapidly firing a freeze blast; Batman will slowly go higher and
    higher in the air. Continue doing this an you will leave Arkham City and go
    into Gotham City. It is amazing! :D

  15. James Bond says:

    Yeah I only was able to do that “infinite” lives Mario trick once. I did it
    RIGHT after my friend told me about it… and was never able to do it since.
    Your lives turn into symbols, so you can’t tell how many lives you have,
    and eventually you’ll stop bouncing and the shell will go through you and
    end it.

  16. Andrew Camarillo says:

    Why didnt youbputbin quickscoping? its the biggest exploit to date. Im a
    quick scoper and i think it shoulda made the list

  17. KlausKinski says:

    there was a stupid exploit in the early days of Dead Island… you had to
    hit 2 buttons right after each other in the inventory screen your char
    would drop the weapon in your hand 2 times lul… 

  18. ShadowZeal says:

    There was an “Exploit” In Baldur’s Gate where you could drop items in one
    save and then pick them up in another, meaning you could have a level 1
    with the best armour, weapons and lots of money

  19. James Christiansen says:

    in halo 4 I threw a tank over a small bumb at my friend, jumped out and
    literally started to fly into space, I stopped at some point but it was
    still funny no scoping my friend from that distance.

  20. Julio Brian says:

    You missed one Pokemon Glitch:

    Master Ball Duplication (in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal): This was a
    glitch where you could have duplicated anything really, but because Master
    Balls were so rare, it was used specifically for that (Hence the name). To
    do it, you need to give an item (a Master Ball) to any one of your Pokemon.
    You go to the Pokemon Centre and put that Pokemon in one of the Bill’s
    Pokemon Boxes. This is where the trick comes in. You then save your game,
    but when the screen flashes “SAVING GAME…DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER”, you
    turn off the power! (You turn off the power during that message. Do not
    wait till “ASH SAVED THE GAME” comes up because at the point the glitch
    won’t work). Wait for at least 15 seconds before turning it back on where
    you would be at the Pokemon Centre. Go back to Bill’s PC and you would find
    2 of your same Pokemon, holding the same item. Take the now duplicate
    Master Ball from that Pokemon and release the Pokemon.

    You can repeat this unlimited times, though it may be a bit

    PS: This glitch WILL NOT work on emulators, but physical copies of the

  21. Nate Johnson says:

    Ah missingno the only way to get mewtwo to 100

  22. Potato X Ing says:

    Awwuhh, no Luigi’s Mansion exploit that turns a rather long game into a 6
    minute game or so by making Luigi literally into a ghost and phasing
    through walls then down into the basement and fighting King Boo/Bowser?

  23. Aden Wood says:

    I used to have a device that I can’t remember the name of that could add
    cheats into any normal DS game. Of course my first idea was Pokémon. It
    allowed me to have infinite of ANYTHING and also spawn in any pokemon of my
    choice. The only downside for this amazing device was that it had a REALLY
    small chance to break the game. But the main point of this story is to say
    I could spawn in the almighty Missingno. *Sigh* I wish I still had it…

  24. 13ofus says:

    smash brothers wave dash is using its assets as intended. so i personaly
    wouldn’t count it as a exploit.

  25. Kefka Palazzo says:

    Actually, if I remember correct, the bucket trick from Skyrim also worked
    in Morrowind and Oblivion xD

  26. GrandpaSeal says:

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    Boy: No.

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  27. TheCoMMentor says:

    +VenturianTale If you just want to do FNAF videos, make a separate channel
    dedicated to exclusively FNAF videos, and let this channel be for
    everything else. Y’know, VenturianFNAF or something.

  28. DemigodSaviorOfFNAF says:

    anyone notice the jewel thing in the middle at 9:11 looks like the
    venturian sign?

  29. Bast Qwarr says:

    You need to do more videos with all your siblings.

  30. VenturianTale says:
  31. NitroBorn says:

    For me, the past 2 days, it says you didn’t upload?!

  32. DJ Candy says:

    YAY YAY FNAF IS BACK!!!! BEAT THAT HATERS!!! I did not know that he liked
    fnaf because he always SCREAMS (louder then usual) in to the microphone
    when he plays it…

  33. GHOST STARGAMING11 says:

    Ven can you make a akachala family video plz if you do I’ll will never
    comment again

  34. SuperWu Manny says:

    Quit it with this five nights at Freddy’s crap already, you’re doing it for
    views and subs, just like you did with roblox, which is why roblox no
    longer is a series, and you continue to do random shit with fnaf, please
    stop, I only subbed for gmod, this is what I get, Pathetic.
    No I’m not trolling by the way, so come at me haters, I like arguing!

  35. Thegamerfriends says:

    Love these videos


  36. U_niet MineCraft says:

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    we play again and it’s usually me to be first disturbing being that you see
    they tore me apart they used me for parts they took away my face they took
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    fox didn’t go through what I had to bare my replacement is blue it’s got
    the latest tech too all I have is my guitar let me play a song for you

  37. Kyra Goodrich says:

    Venturian I have been watching u for a long time but I never understood why
    u guys stopped doing vids all together again, so why did u stop???

  38. Barron Hirsch says:

    Bionicle is back celebrate 

  39. Shiva Perri says:

    Do five nights at Freddy’s in mc.donalds

  40. JohnnyBoy says:

    Really you’ve done this mod about 80 times already when will you stop! You
    guys suck

  41. Mousegold FiveK says:

    Here’s a suggestion. You don’t have to agree, this is just what I think
    For roleplays and minigames, do all four siblings.
    For everything else, do 2 people. (Actually, is there anything
    else?) EDIT: Oh yeah, there’s the
    occasional deathmatch, which I think is better with two people.

  42. isaiah dragonsword says:

    Wow look I’m totally not going to give you a virus click here at
    And you won’t get any steam money!!!!!

  43. Izel Cole says:


  44. Cody Boyd says:

    Pllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaas do a let’s play of eso because you only have
    one let’s play (fallout) and some pepole dont like that game

  45. kill zombeez24 says:

    She a duck look at her feet

  46. Matthew Thomas says:

    No more FNAF please i havent slept for a week

  47. Diego Torres says:

    has anyone noticed the one in the middle at 9:11 looks like the logo for
    veanturain take

  48. ScoutTrooper164 says:

    Why was Jordan making Spencer have a Russian accent when they’re trying to
    get past the gate?

  49. sonic fangirl 243 says:

    Lmao this is Hilarious!!! XD

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