10 Video Game Characters That Were Based on REAL People!

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25 Responses to 10 Video Game Characters That Were Based on REAL People!

  1. Matthew Santoro says:

    Hey all! Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed, please give this video a
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    have a great weekend!

  2. The Game Theorists says:

    If Bill Clinton = Sonic the Hedgehog, then…
    Impeachment = Sonic ’06
    But that’s just a theory :)

    BTW: Great video, as always sir! And thanks for all the kind words about
    the channel!
    Sincerely, Other Matt

  3. MarioTST says:

    I thought Sonic was base out Dragonball Z. (Sonic-Goku) (Shadow-Vegeta)
    (Silver-Trunks) (Knuckles-Piccolo) (Tails-Krillian). Super Saiyan=Super
    Sonic. Do anybody else see this?

  4. Ur mum Is Gay says:

    10 facts

    1. You are reading this comment
    2. You can’t say the letter “M” without touching your lips
    3. You just tried it
    4. you are smiling or grinning right now
    6. You are going to like this comment or subscribe
    7. You didn’t realise I missed number” 5″
    8. You just checked
    9. You are smiling or grinning right now
    10. 9+10=21

  5. Khaled MJJ says:

    I don’t know what Mathew has against Michael? How can people still believe
    that he molested the kids? The fuckin victim admitted that it was all for
    the money for God’s sake…. It’s really not fair, the man had a good heart
    and called for world peace yet people completely discredit him. Shame!

  6. MassOreoKiller says:

    I’m 100% sure Grand Theft Auto is based on my life. I sleep with
    prostitutes and then kill them, go to the strip club like it’s church, blow
    up hot dogs stands with a rocket launcher. I also beat up Mexican and
    Italian people with a large purple dildo… I’m so suing Rockstar…

  7. Kokkie Monster 69 says:

    Matt I wrote you a poem:
    Matt is love
    Matt is life
    I have a glove
    And a knife

    I will cut myself
    Probably tonight
    I am an elf
    Who lost a cock fight

    My life is ruined
    I feel sick
    I’m gonna strangle myself
    With my massive dick

  8. Jens Van De Sijpe says:


  9. TheMinecraftJarhead says:

    Tomb Raider is based off of Tank Girl
    Tank Girl is created by Jamie Hewlett
    Jamie Hewlett created Gorillaz
    Gorillaz has 4 characters in the band
    Lara Croft is 1 Character
    4-1 = 3
    There are 3 sides to a triangle
    illuminati triangle
    Tomb Raider is Illuminati confirmed.

  10. JoshJepson says:

    “Still waiting for my royalty checks” — Hahahah, what a douche!

  11. DUSPAR ODAFURE says:

    I hope you do realize the people who accused Michael Jackson of rape later
    revealed they lied…

  12. pey8523 says:

    ”Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog

    Name one person who *didn’t* know that

  13. Crunch McButtsteak says:

    Lara Croft set 6 world records? Like what, most fapped to?

  14. keiren nimmo says:

    The number of coins mat hit was 6

    He has 3 m subs

    3 6s is 666

    =ilumanati confirmed 

  15. jeffrey roman says:

    doctor eggman with iq of 300 but cant defeat a hedgehog okay ?

  16. Bert De Vink says:

    why the fuck are all the matts on YouTube friends with each other? i mean
    you matthias and Matt from the game theorists…wtf matt

  17. az rak says:

    can I get likes for nothing

  18. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    Football not soccer, you American piece of shit.

  19. GrammarOGs says:

    Am I the only one who thought Johnny Cage was a real person, who was put
    into the game.

  20. Jiggly says:

    “Sonic is going to have a great future”

    Nigga, have you seen sonic boom?

  21. BoomaRang IsTooDamnKawwii says:

    So that explains why sonic never wore clothes (Clinton spent most of his
    time with out clothes WAAYYYHHEYYY!)

  22. Kelly Coons says:

    So if Sonic is Bill Clinton and Eggman is Teddy Roosevelt, then… Are
    Sonic games elections? (Sonic VS Eggman = Candidate VS Candidate?)

  23. Spencer Borg says:

    Don’t be racist be like Mario!
    He’s an Italian plumber,
    Who was created by Japanese people,
    Speaks EnglIsh,
    And looks like a Mexican. 

  24. thebossunicorn123 says:

    Heeeeeey Matt! I wrote a poem for you!

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue.
    Horror movies are scary,
    I’ll Centipede you.

  25. Anthony Atari says:

    I think GTA V took the best selling game of all time from Mario

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